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Free and Easy are one of the ‘quick and easy’ healthy brands we stock at Naturally Good Food. We’re experts in supplying customers with dried wholefoods and organic food, but we know that there are some days when you just don’t have time to cook an entire meal from scratch. Even on these days, you want the best possible option – not just a pack of rubbish. Free and Easy produce tasty, nutritious, tinned and packaged meals and mixes, for those times when you simply need something quick and easy.

We've got Free and Easy ready meals, soups, mixes and other products.

Free and Easy: for those days when you need something quick and easy.

Click here to see all the Free and Easy products you can get from us.

Free and Easy: natural and high-quality

It’s especially important when buying tinned and ready meals to know that you’re avoiding strange chemicals, preservatives, flavourings and additives. Free and Easy packs, mixes and tins contain only proper ingredients with ‘real’ names. It’s also worth noting that most of their products tick the ‘gluten-free’ and ‘dairy-free’ boxes – see the labels at the bottom of each picture to see which ones qualify.

Free and Easy mixes

We’re really pleased to have six brand-new Free and Easy mixes on our shelves. Most of these are unashamedly self-indulgent: chocolate brownie mix with coconut blossom sugar, for example – but we do also have their hearty, thoroughly savoury, falafel mix.

A great gluten- and dairy-free mix.

Carrot cake mix with coconut blossom sugar – delicious!

Click here to see all the Free and Easy mixes.

Free and Easy soups

Free and Easy soups now come in easy-open tins, making them even more convenient. We stock the following varieties – most of which are pretty unusual. They’re also low in salt.

Free and Easy tinned ready meals

Perhaps you need something more substantial than soup? Free and Easy also produce tinned ‘ready meals’, which might just hit the spot:

Free and Easy: other products

And we also stock two sauce mixes from Free and Easy, which make great store-cupboard additions:

If you’re interested in quick, easy food in general, you might like to browse our full tinned food section here, and our ready meal section here.



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