Vegan Before 6 – what do you need?

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There seems to be no end to the innovations in vegan lifestyles right now. One of the newest ideas I’ve come across is Vegan Before 6 (VB6). Simply, VB6 means that you eat a vegan diet until 6pm in the evening. After that, you’re free to do whatever you wish.

Vegan before 6 is a pragmatic approach to veganism.

Vegan before 6? Fancy trying it?

The diet originated with a man called Mark Bittman, a food columnist with the New York Times. Suffering from high cholesterol and unmanageable blood sugar levels, he was encouraged by a friend to adopt a vegan lifestyle instead of taking medication. Finding it impossible to go full-time vegan, he instead challenged himself to eat like a vegan until supper-time, and then have whatever he liked for his evening meal.

The diet had a huge impact on his health. He lost pounds in weight, reduced his cholesterol to a healthy level and brought his blood sugar back under control. And, being a writer, he then wrote a book about it.

Vegan Before 6: a pragmatic approach

VB6 is a pragmatic approach to veganism, as so many of the new initiatives are. It recognizes the real health benefits of eating mostly plant-based foods, but understands that it’s not always possible to adopt the full lifestyle. For some, doing without meat for most of the day might be a sacrifice – but if so, it’s a sacrifice that only has to be made for a specified number of hours.

Coconut oil is perhaps the most versatile of our oils

Cold-pressed oils can replace dairy fat

Could it work for you? Well, it could work for everyone, provided that a sensible and healthy approach is adopted. Don’t cut out meat but replace it with nothing but sugar – and of course, don’t go completely crazy at 6pm! The real idea behind the diet is that your good behaviour up until 6pm will influence your eating habits afterwards too.

What makes a good VB6 diet?

What makes a good vegan diet? Well, plenty of wholefoods: fibre- and protein-rich grains, such as quinoa and brown rice. A concentration on protein sources such as beans, peas and lentils, along with nuts and seeds. Some nut butters and dried fruit as well, for extra nutrition, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Seeds are another good and economical source of protein

Plenty of nuts, for plenty of protein

At Naturally Good Food we can supply you with all of the dried goods you need, as well as vegan treats and sweets (including snack bars), vegan supplements, and non-dairy milks and oils.

And – if you tend to have your evening meal earlier, like me, simply go for Vegan Before 5, or even Vegan Before Half-Four, and write a book about that.




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