Is it unreasonable to become a vegan?

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There are a lot of people who hover on the edge of veganism. Real, proper vegans will of course point out that this is impossible – you’re either a vegan or you’re not. But it is possible to shuffle ever-closer to the idea of becoming a vegan, without quite taking the final plunge. Many near-vegans are already vegetarian, but are put off becoming a vegan for a variety of reasons. Some may fear that it’s rather an unreasonable move to take. So we thought we’d see if we could help address some common problems.

Is it unreasonable to become a vegan?

Going vegan – is that OK?

Is it unreasonable: causing difficulties for family and friends?

If you become a vegan, do you instantly become a real nuisance to everyone around you? After all, eating out takes on a new dimension when you have to check the place ‘does’ vegans; going round for dinner can entail complicated discussions beforehand; cooking a separate meal for yourself, in a vegetarian or carnivorous household, adds stress to daily life; and so on.

Recently, a well-known internet forum asked people’s advice on how they felt about vegans. Some answers weren’t very encouraging. People felt they would be ‘terrified’ to have a vegan round for dinner. Others found vegan family members ‘pains’ and felt that it was an ‘unreasonable’ lifestyle choice. Fortunately, as the discussion proceeded, others came out of the woodwork to point out that there were plenty of ways to work around these problems.

Some suggested eating vegetarian when out and about, but vegan when possible, at home. It was emphasised that almost every (nice) restaurant will have a vegan option and that chain restaurants will have several. Chinese, Indian and similar restaurants cater for vegans as a matter of course. Many people recommended contacting a local vegan group, for specific information on eating out.

And some people simply suggested taking your own food whenever leaving the house!

Is it hard to have a healthy, balanced vegan diet?

No – in fact, it’s easier now than ever before, with so many more products out there and a much wider knowledge about nutrition. You have to read up on the options a little and work out how to combine the various elements of a vegan diet to ensure that it’s balanced. You may decide that it’s necessary to take certain supplements too. But none of this is hard.

And the thing that makes it really easy is, of course, Naturally Good Food! We cater for lots of vegans and can supply you with many of the things needed for the best possible diet. For example, we have:

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Not unreasonable at all

Being vegan isn’t for everyone, but it certainly isn’t unreasonable. In fact, it’s one of the best things you can do, for your own health, for animals, and for the planet.



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