It’s National Vegetarian Week: can we help you?

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National Vegetarian Week starts on May 15th. If you’re taking part, you might be interested in some of our stock. We’ve got lots of experience of helping vegetarians (and vegans) enjoy healthy, balanced and nutritious diets, for as little money as possible. Perhaps we can help you?

We're celebrating National Vegetarian Week with a look at our vegetarian products.

It’s National Vegetarian Week – are you getting enough veg in YOUR diet?

National Vegetarian Week website

The National Vegetarian Week website can be found here It’s a good-looking site, with lots of recipes, a ringing endorsement from the Hairy Bikers, resources, tips, and advice about obtaining grants. If you’re already vegetarian, this is your chance to celebrate. If you’re not, perhaps this is an opportunity to find out whether you’re ready to take the plunge into a world of vegetables!

How Naturally Good Food can help

A very long time ago, Naturally Good Food was all about fresh vegetables. We packed (and eventually grew) organic vegetables and sent them all around the surrounding area. The veg box delivery scheme grew into a small shop, then into a mail-order business. Sadly, we can no longer supply fresh vegetables (although in our own area, as elsewhere, there are plenty of people who’ve taken up the slack). What we can still do really well, however, is provide you with everything else you need for a healthy vegetarian diet.

Because of course, it’s not just a matter of cutting meat out of your diet. You’ve got to replace that form of protein with something else – and one day, you’ll have had enough of cheese on toast and scrambled eggs! When that day comes, you’ll need to think a little more creatively about getting enough protein into your diet.

Getting enough protein – without meat

We've got a wonderful selection of pulses and grains in our Wholefoods section.

Pulses and grains give vegetarians plenty of protein.

Lots of vegetarian food has protein in it – you just need to make sure you incorporate it properly into your diet. Here’s what we suggest, and what we can supply:

  • Pulses: every vegetarian’s favourite. Dried beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils – of all shapes, colours and sizes – make a great basis for a vegetarian meal. They’re vegetables themselves of course, counting as one of your ‘five a day’, but they’re also a wonderful source of protein. Best of all, they’re cheap as chips, especially if you buy them in dried form, or in bulk, from us.
  • Nuts and seeds: nuts and seeds are also packed with protein and we stock an amazing selection of both. You can make main meals with nuts and seeds (we’ve got a lovely recipe for peanut curry coming up on our blogs), as well as incorporating them into snacks, cakes and bakes and sprinkling them liberally over yoghurts, ice-cream and muesli. We also have perhaps the best range of nut and seed butters on the web: ideal for making something other than cheese sandwiches.
  • Grains: grains aren’t just there to bulk out a meal – they can be sources of protein (and of vitamins and minerals) in their own right. We’d particularly recommend our brown rice and our quinoa; the latter is classed as a ‘complete’ protein, meaning that it truly replaces the protein value of meat.
  • Supplements and superfoods: recognising that there are times when your diet might not be top-notch, we have a range of supplements and superfoods suitable for vegetarians. If you’re worried you’re lacking a particular nutrient, we recommend finding a food naturally rich in it and working that properly into your diet.

And if you’re not just vegetarian, but vegan, you might also like to check out our dairy-free section, especially our fantastic range of dairy-free milks.



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