Are you a Level 5 vegan? We’ve got what you need!

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OK, so no-one is really a Level 5 vegan. As featured in an episode of The Simpsons, a ‘level 5 vegan’ is someone who ‘won’t eat anything that casts a shadow’. Tongue out of cheek, it’s come to mean, less strictly, a vegan who simply won’t compromise at all on diet or lifestyle.

It's not really possible to be a Level 5 vegan - but we can help everyone who's trying their best.

Are you a Level 5 vegan? Is that even possible?

We can help level 5 vegans

If you’re strictly vegan – and we’ve got a lot of experience of helping customers who are – then you need to be very careful to eat a balanced diet. The following foodstuffs will help.

  • Nuts and seeds: for protein in your diet, make sure you take a good look at our wonderful selections of nuts and seeds.
  • Nut and seed butters: a great sandwich filling or dip – also good in smoothies.
  • Grains: grains such as brown rice and quinoa have fantastic health benefits for those avoiding animal products. Quinoa in particular is a ‘complete protein’, doing a great job of replacing the nutrients found in meat. See all our grains here.
  • Pulses: we have an unrivalled range of pulses, including lentils and split peas, from both the UK and further afield.
  • Coconut oil: this is a healthy source of plant-based fat that’s great for cooking with, especially in curries and baking. It also makes a wonderful moisturiser and general beauty product, where you can be sure that no animal has been harmed.
  • Non-dairy milk: we stock a large range of nut-, seed- and soya-based milk alternatives, as well as milks made from grains such as quinoa, rice and oats. We also have non-dairy creams, custards, chocolate and desserts.
  • We also have non-dairy custards, creams, chocolates and desserts

    We have all the dairy-free milks you’ll need

  • Vegan cooking ingredients: most cooking ingredients are already free from animal products, but a few specialist ones are worth checking out, such as our vegetarian suet, made from vegetable fats, and the Orgran no-egg egg replacer and Vegan Easy Egg egg substitute.
  • Vegan treats: we have a great selection of gelatin-free sweets, and raw fruit and nut bars from brands such as RawBite.
  • Vegan sports and other supplements: we have vegetable-based (rather than whey-based) sports nutrition powders, and supplements such as Engevita, to increase your intake of B12.

Animal-friendly household products

From paper towels to oven-cleaner, all vegans can shop with us

Animal-friendly cleaners and toiletries are part of the lifestyle

Level 5 vegans are concerned not just with food, but with all the other ways they interact with the world and its animal inhabitants. Those operating at this level might find our Household and Toiletries ranges of interest. We have animal-friendly cleaners, natural toiletries, and items as diverse as unbleached cake cases and planet-friendly paper goods. You can see them all by following the links: for strict Level 5 vegans, some won’t tick all the boxes. But others will – and part of the fun of reaching this level is that you get to be choosy!

(And if you’re not quite at Level 5? Well, we help vegans of all levels. And our virtue casts no shadow.)



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