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If you’re dreaming of the perfect alternative to dairy milk, we can help you out! At Naturally Good Food, we have one of the best selections of dairy-free milks on the internet. There’s soya milk, almond milk, other nut milks, hemp milk, sheep’s milk, quinoa milk, coconut milk, oat milk – and rice milk. One of our favourite kinds of rice milk is the Rice Dream variety, which we stock in three different types, all of them organic:

Rice Dream: the original

Original rice dream is made very simply from water and the finest Italian organic rice (with this representing 13.8% of the total), mixed with sunflower oil for smoothness, and seasoned with sea salt.

Made from the finest Italian organic rice, Rice Dream original also contains sunflower oil, water and sea salt.

Original Rice Dream can be used just as you would use cow’s milk.

This non-dairy alternative is, naturally, lactose-free. It’s also low in fat and contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. You can use Rice Dream just as you would cow’s milk: add it to tea or coffee, pour it over cereal, cook or bake with it, or enjoy it chilled as a refreshing drink. It’s ever-so-slightly sweet, with a refreshing lightness.

Rice Dream: with calcium

Rice Dream with calcium is fortified with calcium phosphate and vitamins D2 and B12. It also contains gellan gum as a stabiliser and is seasoned with sea salt. One 200ml glass of Rice Dream with calcium provides you with 30% of your recommended daily allowance of calcium (as much as you’d find in a glass of full fat cow’s milk).

This variety fulfills about 30% of your daily calcium needs, in one glass.

Rice Dream with calcium gives you as much calcium as you’d get from a glass of cow’s milk.

The added vitamin D2 helps your body absorb the calcium more easily, while vitamin B12 is added as this can be a tricky vitamin for vegetarians and vegans to source in their diets.

Rice Dream: hazelnut and almonds

Great for an added touch of protein in your diet.

Subtly sweet and creamy: Rice Dream with hazelnuts and almonds

This variety is subtly sweet and delightfully creamy. It’s made from filtered water mixed with rice, hazelnuts, cold-pressed sunflower oil, almonds and barley. There’s also natural vanilla flavouring and sea salt added. If you’re looking for a more robust type of rice milk, and interested in adding a touch more protein to your diet, then this might be the one for you.

Other types of rice milk 

We stock a few other brands of rice milk at Naturally Good Food:

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