3-Day Vegan, 5-Day Vegan: which works best for you?

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There are all sorts of ways of eating vegan out there right now. Some work on eating mostly vegan (chegan, as it’s sometimes called – or ‘cheating vegan’); some divide the day into vegan and non-vegan parts (Vegan Before 6); while others aim towards an entirely vegan lifestyle – but only for a few days per week. Rather like the 5:2 fasting diet plan, 3-Day Vegan and 5-Day Vegan diets give you the chance to alter your diet according to the time of the week.

We're here for all kinds of vegans, including 3-day vegan and 5-day vegans.

3-Day Vegan? 5-Day Vegan? Flash-in-the-pan Vegan?

What are 3-Day Vegan and 5-Day Vegan?

If you’re doing 3-Day Vegan, you’ll eat vegan food for three days of the week. If you’re doing 5-Day Vegan, you’ll eat vegan food for five days. (And of course, there’s nothing to stop you becoming a 2-Day Vegan or a 6-Day Vegan if you prefer!) Eating vegan means eating no animal products whatsoever. No meat, no dairy products, no honey, no animal by-products such as gelatine, or those ingredients found a long way down the label, like whey.

If you’re not on a vegan day, you can eat whatever you like.

What can you eat on your vegan days?

Vegans can eat a rich, varied and delicious diet – particularly if they find their way to Naturally Good Food! We can offer you:

Great in cooking and as a beauty product

We’ve got coconut oil for vegans

What’s the point of these diets?

Some people suspect that many of these not-quite-entirely-vegan diets are a sneaky way of easing you in gradually to a full vegan lifestyle. For others, eating vegan for a certain number of days a week is really just to do with the health benefits. Plant-based diets are low in saturated fats and high in fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and protein. They can have dramatic results in terms of weight loss and can help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Whether you’re a 7-day vegan, a 7-hour vegan, a flash-in-the-pan vegan, or simply an aspiring vegan, we at Naturally Good Food will be happy to cater for you. We’re open 5 days a week – but can take your orders 24/7.



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