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Healthy Eating Week 2017 runs from 12th to 16th June. It’s organized by the British Nutrition Foundation and is open to schools, universities, workplaces and individuals. It’s all about healthy eating, drinking and living in general: it wants to encourage us to change our diets, keep active and develop proper cooking skills. See the website here if you want to sign your school or workplace up for the official festivities.

Naturally Good Food is right behind Healthy Eating Week.

Sign up for your own Healthy Eating Week with NGF!

Healthy Eating Week: we’re on board!

We’re completely on board with Healthy Eating Week at Naturally Good Food, of course. Healthy eating is our crusade: we want everyone to have the chance to eat nutritious meals and to understand just what healthy eating really is.

We believe that eating wholefoodsorganic if possible – is the best way to maintain a healthy diet. Our wholefoods are rich in vitamins and minerals. They’re complex sources of energy, protein and carbohydrate. They’re the building blocks of a great diet and, in the best news of all, like most essentials, they’re cheap.

We sell wholefoods in bulk to businesses and individuals.

Our wholefoods are the building blocks of a great diet.

If you’re trying to get your school or workplace involved in Healthy Eating week, you might be in need of some of our wholefood ingredients. We’re specialists at supplying these in bulk – and already do so for a number of schools and organisations. Click here to see our bulk buying section.

Check out our individual wholefood ranges too:

This isn’t our whole range of foods, by any means – but it’s a good place to start.

Healthy Eating Week: what kind of things happen?

Anything could happen in 2017….! Here are just some of the things that took place in Healthy Eating Week 2016:

Schools and families took part in 2016.

In 2016, people gave new twists to old family favourites.

  • Healthy tuckshops opened in schools, selling dried fruit and healthy snack bars, rather than crisps and confectionary
  • Children grew food in ‘bucket gardens’
  • Schools hosted parent-and-child cooking workshops
  • ‘Smoothie bikes’ were available to hire!
  • Families were encouraged to give new healthy twists to their traditional family recipes, with all generations participating.

The British Nutrition Foundation

The website of the British Nutrition Foundation is worth a browse for anyone interested in healthy eating. It’s got a huge amount of proper, scientifically based evidence about diets and food. It has tips on making your own diet more healthy, as well as interesting articles looking behind the attention-grabbing headlines and fast-moving fads of the food world.

Click here to see all our wholefoods and make a start on your own Healthy Eating week!



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