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You hear a lot about ‘evolution’ when you’re researching gluten-free diets. There are some who believe that our bodies haven’t ‘evolved’ to eat huge amounts of gluten. Some think it might be a good idea to turn back the evolutionary clock (in some regards, at least) and follow the diets of our paleolithic ancestors. Lots of people talk and write about the ‘evolution’ of modern-day wheat and what we could use as alternatives. At Naturally Good Food we like to think about evolution in gluten-free cooking in an entirely positive way. Let’s change our cooking a little bit – let’s evolve some new ways of eating!

Our diets continue to evolve - just as we do.

Shaking things up a bit – let’s evolve gluten-free!

River Cottage inspiration

We’ve recently been inspired in this by the new River Cottage book, River Cottage gluten free, written by Naomi Devlin. This contains some wonderful advice, and straightforward recipes for cooking gluten-free meals. It also has a very sensible, measured, Foreword by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, in which he states openly that gluten-free cooking isn’t all plain sailing:

‘It would be glib to suggest that giving up gluten is easy; its ubiquity has had us all under its spell for a long time’.

He says that learning how to cook without it is a challenge – but notes that as with almost all the challenges he’s set himself over the years, it’s one that has led to ‘creative and delicious solutions’.

Evolving recipes

Gluten-free doesn't have to mean eating weird and wonderful foods.

Chickpeas, buckwheat, corn: just three perfectly standard gluten-free ingredients

Cooking gluten-free is a challenge, Hugh explains, because our cooking has evolved to accommodate gluten-containing ingredients. But there’s no reason why it can’t evolve again – and this doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with bizarre innovations. In ancient times, we ate quite differently – and perfectly healthily. In many other cultures, gluten-free ingredients like chickpeas, corn and buckwheat are staples. Sometimes, says Hugh, gluten-free cooking means ‘turning back to time honoured, traditional recipes’.

We can help you evolve!

If you’re interested in evolving a little further, Naturally Good Food is willing and able to help you! We’ve got years of experience of helping our customers with their gluten-free needs. As well as supplying UK pharmacies with gluten-free products on prescription, we stock a wide range of gluten-free grains, flours, flakes, puffs, cereals and products. Some of these are ‘alternatives’ – some of them are quite simply naturally gluten-free. We’re also the UK stockist of the Orgran range of gluten-free products, which covers every possible gluten-free eventuality!

From cavemen to hipsters, we serve everyone, whatever stage of evolution they’re at!



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