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Couverture chocolate is used for dipping, coating and moulding purposes, by professionals. It’s a particularly high-quality chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa butter than ‘eating’ chocolate or baking chocolate. This additional butter gives a greater sheen to the finished product, a better ‘snap’ when you break the mould, and an especially creamy taste.

For the best sheen, meltability and 'snap', use our couverture chocolate.

Couverture chocolate has a higher cocoa butter content, giving great results.

If you’re a professional user of chocolate – or would like to be – you’re probably looking out for bulk quantities of couverture chocolate. We’re happy to be able to help!

Dark couverture chocolate

From Infinity, we sell Dark couverture chocolate, with 54% cocoa solids, as well as Very Dark couverture, with 73% solids, both in bulk 2.5kg packs. These are both organic and come in the form of small drops, which melt easily when heated.

This is chocolate for those with the most refined tastes – a darkness to be relished!

Milk couverture chocolate

If you need milk chocolate couverture, we also stock this from Infinity, again in 2.5kg packs of small drops. This too is organic.

White couverture chocolate

Creamy and delicious, it's also organic

We have white couverture chocolate too

Infinity also supply us with 2.5kg packs of small drops of organic white couverture chocolate.

Dairy-free couverture chocolate

A great idea for dairy-free baking

Dairy-free couverture chocolate is available from Moo Free

A really interesting product from Moo Free is this organic, gluten-free and dairy-free ‘alternative couverture chocolate’. With 45% cocoa butter and cocoa mass, the remainder of the ingredients comprise sugar, rice powder, sunflower lecithin and natural flavouring. This dairy-free chocolate has the closest taste to milk chocolate that we’ve found and is a real favourite with children.

Plamil dairy-free catering drops

We also stock a wide range of catering drops from Plamil, with high cocoa solid contents. These too melt easily, making them ideal for a range of catering applications. Click here to see our full selection, which includes dark, milk and white chocolate drops.

And for all our chocolate, for professionals and rank amateurs, click here!




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