It’s World Chocolate Day – fill your boots!

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World Chocolate Day occurs on July 7th, which is, according to completely reliable sources on the internet, 467 years to the day since chocolate was introduced to Europe. On World Chocolate Day, you can enjoy learning interesting facts about chocolate, discover just how this foodstuff is made, consider the most ethical ways of growing and buying the ingredients for chocolate – and, of course, eat lots of it!

What can we get you for World Chocolate Day?

Yes, it’s World Chocolate Day!

Naturally Good Food and World Chocolate Day

We sell lots of chocolate at Naturally Good Food. We specialise in providing chocolate in interesting organic, ethical and alternative forms – and supply these in bulk as well, to caterers and businesses. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve got for you.

Organic chocolate

We don’t want our chocolate (the food of the Gods) sullied with anything artificial, thank you. So we seek out organic chocolate wherever we can. Most of our organic chocolate also falls into one (or more) of the categories below. We have loads of dairy-free organic chocolate,  plenty of bulk organic chocolate, a range of unusually flavoured organic chocolates, and a stash of Fairtrade organic chocolate. Nothing tastes better.

Unusual chocolate

Great ethical and Fairtrade chocolate

Dark-chocolate-dipped mango from Cocoa Loco

Cayenne pepper chocolate? Tick! Caramelised hazelnut dairy-free chocolate? Of course! Dark-chocolate-dipped mango? No problem! Raw chocolate and tropical nut spread? Be our guest!

Ethical chocolate

We stock Fairtrade chocolate from Cocoa Loco, Plamil and Moo Free. We won’t stock anything by a company with practices that are unethical. This is because we don’t like our chocolate to leave a nasty taste in our mouth or an unsightly stain on our conscience.

Hard-core chocolate

We’ve got white chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate for kids and chocolate for adults. We’ve got chocolate that hovers around the 40% cocoa solid mark, chocolate that pushes it to 50%, 60% and 70% – and…chocolate that is in fact 100% cacao. This comes from Hasslachers, in the form of a solid bar of ‘drinking chocolate’. You grate bits of it off and mix with whatever you like to make a drink or baked goods. Chocolate doesn’t get more hard-core than this.

Bulk chocolate

If you’re a caterer or just exceptionally greedy, you’ll need our chocolate in bulk. We have a whole section dedicated to this, supplying large amounts of chocolate chips, couverture chocolate and multipacks of chocolate bars. Buying in bulk is the cheapest way to get your fix from us.

Alternative chocolate

Alternative chocolate can be just as great as standard chocolate

Nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and organic: and still delicious

The best thing about ‘alternative’ chocolate is that it often tastes nicer than standard chocolate. If you like your chocolate good and strong, dairy-free chocolate is the best anyway. Our dairy-free options can be easily identified using the check-boxes to the left-hand side of the product pictures or the descriptions underneath. In our dairy-free range, we’ve got many brands, including Plamil (which is also nut-free), Booja Booja and Raw Health.

We also stock Moo Free dairy-free chocolate, which is designed to have a particularly ‘milky’ taste, appealing to small children in particular. This is a really cunning type of chocolate, tasting just like ‘ordinary’ chocolate, but entirely suitable for vegans.

And if you don’t want real chocolate, we also do a good range of carob products. *As yet, there is no such thing as International Carob Day.





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