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Do you need absolutely loads of chocolate? There are days we all feel like that, of course, but for some people, that’s simply business as usual. Perhaps you’re an artisan chocolate-maker, or confectionary business. Perhaps you’re buying chocolate in bulk for a café, restaurant or shop. Perhaps you’re another Willy Wonka and have a chocolate lagoon to fill every week. Whatever your specific circumstances, if it’s chocolate in bulk you need, we are here to help.

We've got chocolate in bulk for everyone.

Do you need absolutely loads of chocolate?

Naturally Good Food specialises in providing high-quality chocolate in bulk, for particular purposes. We have an excellent range of dairy-free chocolate, as well as Fairtrade and organic chocolate and chocolate with a particularly high cocoa solid content. Here’s a look at what we can supply in bulk.

Plamil catering chocolate in bulk

Plamil are one of the best suppliers of catering chocolate around. Their products tick a number of boxes, being guaranteed nut-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Plamil tick all the 'free from' boxes.

Plamil catering drops are dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free and vegan.

From Plamil, we have a range of chocolate catering drops. Which one you choose will probably be determined by the level of cocoa solids you require: we stock chocolate drops with 42% cocoa solids, 53% cocoa solids and 60% cocoa solids, and luxury drops with 72% cocoa solids. These are available in 1kg and 7.5kg catering packs. Some are Fairtrade and some organic, as indicated in our product descriptions.

In addition, we stock Plamil’s carob catering drops (in 1kg and 7.5kg packs), including a variety with no added sugar, their hot chocolate flakes (in 1kg tubs) and their Alternative to white chocolate (in 1kg bags).

Bulk couverture

For perfect baking results, use couverture chocolate

We’ve got dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white couverture chocolate

If you require chocolate couverture, we have this available in dark chocolate (with 54% cocoa solids) and in ‘very dark’ (73% cocoa solids). We also stock white chocolate and milk chocolate couverture in bulk.

Chocolate by the case

If you’re interested in our smaller packs and bars of chocolate, but need these in large quantities, and for the best price, then buying by the case will give you our 10% case discount. You might, for example, be interested in a case of:

  • Moo Free chocolate: this dairy-free chocolate is specially formulated to have a creamy, ‘dairy’ taste, whilst involving absolutely no cows at all. We stock a range of Moo Free chocolate, in a number of flavours.
  • Green & Blacks chocolate: perhaps the cheapest way to buy this iconic chocolate range – we’ve got their cocoa powder and bars, both for eating and for cooking with.
  • Hasslacher’s 100% cacao bar: for drinking chocolate or for general chocolate use, this is as chocolate-y a bar as you’re ever going to find.
  • Montezuma’s organic chocolate: in smooth and dark varieties.

Chocolate in bulk for everyone

Dairy-free, nut-free, organic and Fairtrade: we have chocolate for everyone. Because everyone loves chocolate – don’t they?






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