Growing sprouts in a jam-jar: how to do it

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Naturally Good Food sells a great range of grains, seeds and pulses specially designed for sprouting. After just a few days of minimum effort, your handful of pulses, grains or seeds will be transformed into great bunches of crunchy, fresh sprouts that are absolutely lovely in salads, sandwiches and stir-fries. We also sell a range of sprouters – contraptions that help you grow these sprouts really easily, with full instructions. These are popular, but so is the very simple alternative: growing sprouts in a jam-jar.

Growing sprouts in a jam-jar

If you’re growing sprouts that all germinate at roughly the same rate (and most do – it’s the very smallest seeds, such as alfalfa, that grow a lot faster than the larger ones), then growing sprouts in a jam-jar is the easiest way I’ve found to do it. Because it’s so easy, it puts paid to any fears about contamination and mould. You also get to watch the sprouts developing very clearly.

Here’s how to go about it.

  • Get a nice clean jam-jar (or, as in my case, large glass). Put a handful of seeds, grains or pul
    ses in the bottom. The ones I’m using in this picture are from the Just Wholefoods organic sprouting mix.
  • Rinse the seeds through with water. I rinse them into a sieve or colander and thenspoon them back into the jar.
  • Place a clean tea-towel or muslin square over the lid of the jar, held in place with an elastic band.
  • Store somewhere dark and reasonably warm.
  • At least twice a day, repeat the rinsing process. I find it helps  to do this at meal-times: it’s a good memory-jogger!
  • When the sprouts have grown, rinse again, pat dry and store in the fridge.

Easy, safe and healthy

There are no little corners in a jam-jar or a pint-glass for bacteria to grow, and when you rinse them through manually, you can have complete confidence that you’ve given the sprouts a thorough clean. At the end, you’re not faced with a whole contraption to dismantle and clean – simply a jam-jar for the dishwasher, a rubber band to go back in the drawer, and a tea-towel for the washing machine.

Get your sprouting grains, seeds and pulses from us

We’ve got a wonderful range of grains, seeds and pulses to sprout, which you can see here. You can try sprouting pretty much anything, of course, but these products have been selected as being ideal for sprouting and have not been treated to prevent this occurring.

Happy easy sprouting!





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