Is it safe to grow your own sprouts?

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About a decade ago, a book that used to be popular with pregnant first-time Mums advised solemnly against ‘eating sprouts’ in pregnancy. Duly warned, British women carefully pushed aside the Brussels sprouts in their Christmas dinners, wondering vaguely what the possible dangers could be. Finally, someone pointed out that that this was an American book – and it wasn’t talking about Brussels sprouts at all, but about something quite different: beansprouts. It didn’t make the situation a whole lot clearer, though. Why were beansprouts not considered safe?

What are the safety issues with beansprouts?

Sprouts, in this context, are the tiny little shoots that first appear from grains, pulses and seeds as they start to germinate. They’re crunchy, fresh and delicious to eat, and are great for you, being full of all the pent-up nutritious energy of the seed (or grain or pulse), at the very moment this energy is released.

We can help you sprout easily and safely

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But there are certain safety issues. In order to grow, these seeds, beans and grains need warm, humid conditions. These conditions are equally ideal for the growth of bacteria, including salmonella, listeria, and e. coli.

Health agencies in the US take a hardline approach. Children shouldn’t eat sprouts and nor should pregnant women. If you must eat sprouts, you need to cook them thoroughly to kill any harmful bacteria.

Unfortunately, cooking the sprouts takes away not only their essential crunchy freshness, but  a great deal of their nutritional value too.

The NHS advice in the UK is a little more gung-ho.

‘Can I sprout my own seeds at home?

Yes, but you need to use seeds suitable for home sprouting, which are subject to strict controls. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Equipment used for sprouting seeds should be cleaned thoroughly using hot soapy water before and after use. Always wash your hands before and after handling seeds intended for sprouting, as well as when preparing food generally.’

Don’t be scared – we can help you stay safe!

It's safe to grow your own sprouts, so long as you take basic precautions.

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At Naturally Good Food, we’ve been selling sprouting seeds, grains and pulses, along with sprouting equipment, to our customers for years. Buy the proper stuff from us, and follow the simple instructions correctly, and you should find, like these other customers, that you experience no problems at all.

And best of all – you don’t have to forgo the wonders of a lovely, crisp, fresh sprout!




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