Ten great things to do with home-grown sprouts

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So…you’ve bought your safe, healthy sprouting grains, seeds and pulses from Naturally Good Food. You’ve bought a lovely sprouter too – or followed our clear instructions on how to sprout in a simple jam-jar. You’ve got a bowl of delicious and highly nutritious home-grown sprouts in a bowl in the fridge. What are you going to do with them next? Here are ten really great ideas.

Ten great ideas for using your home-grown sprouts

  • Eat them as a salad: either on their own, or with other salad ingredients. You get a great, fresh crunch with a sprout. Dress the salad as you wish, or eat in its completely natural form.
  • Stick the sprouts in a tuna or cheese mayonnaise sandwich or jacket potato. They bring a lovely crunch to an otherwise run-of-the-mill sandwich filling or potato topping.
  • Throw them at the last minute into a stir-fry, for added nutrition and freshness.
  • Or stir-fry the sprouts all by themselves: in a little sesame oil, with some chilli, ginger and garlic.
  • Add, uncooked, to the noodles or rice accompanying a stir-fry or curry.
  • Layer the sprouts with carrots, spring onions and fresh herbs, to make a tasty, fresh side-dish.
  • Add sprouts to an omelette as a surprise ingredient.
  • If you’ve got quite long and large sprouts, use them as a dipping ingredient, with an Asian-style dip.
  • Make a hummus from sprouts! Try this popular recipe here: https://sproutpeople.org/sprout-recipes/sprout-hummus/.
  • You can even make bread from sprouted grains – try this recipe here: https://sproutpeople.org/sprout-recipes/cat/breads/.

Our sprouting range

Naturally Good Food sells a range of seeds, grains and pulses designed for safe, successful sprouting. We also stock a selection of sprouters, to make the process easy.

We also sell sprouted bread, from Everfresh

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