NGF and the Soil Association: why it matters to us

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You might notice the Soil Association logo on our website – or see it on some of the products we sell. We’re closely linked to the Soil Association here at Naturally Good Food. It’s the organic certification body in the UK and audits us annually under the terms of our organic packing licence – making sure that everything we pack and sell as ‘organic’ truly fits that description.

We work closely with the Soil Association and support its aims.

Here’s why the Soil Association matters to us.

What’s the Soil Association?

The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by farmers, scientists and nutritionists. It’s a membership organisation that campaigns for ‘healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use’. In the UK, organic food is strictly protected by law, meaning that anything labelled as organic must comply with EU law on organic standards:

  • no genetic modification anywhere in the food chain
  • no pesticides, or herbicides
  • no hydrogenated fats or artificial colours
  • no unnecessary packaging
  • no irradiation or nanotechnology
  • the creation of an improved habitat for wildlife
  • minimum processing
  • on average, higher levels of some nutrients than non-organic foods
  • a higher standard of animal welfare
  • better-tasting food.

Soil Association certification

Soil Association certification provides a guarantee that a product is truly organic.

The Association describes its certification process as having a core of ‘vision, integrity and trust’ – and everyone involved works hard to maintain this. At Naturally Good Food we have a processor’s licence from the Association: we pack organic products from large, bulk bags and boxes, into smaller user-friendly bags. We have to account for every gram of product – every lentil, every sesame seed! – and follow strict cleaning routines.

We are also inspected annually by the Association. Here’s a summary from one of our inspections:

‘…a fantastically wider range of organic produce…. Excellent systems of recording are in place – making audits very easy to accommodate. Well done.’


We follow closely Soil Association rules.

We have Soil Association certification for all our small pre-packs.

We love our organic products!

We love our organic products, and believe strongly in the virtues of organic food. We want a world where food production respects the environment and supports our own health. We want healthy soil, healthy rivers, healthy crops and healthy bodies. And it’s not just about the ethics, but also about the taste. Try our organic raisins, for example – nothing like the ones you get in the supermarkets! Or our organic Spanish almonds, which are both mild and nutty, without an overwhelming ‘almondy’ taste.

Click here to see all the organic products we sell.

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