Microgreens and sprouts: a look at our range

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Seeds, pulses and grains are little treasure-chests of nutrition: in them, essential supplies of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are locked up. It’s when these treasure-chests first burst open – when the seeds, pulses and grains begin to put out shoots and leaves – that their rich contents are revealed. Microgreens are the first leaves these seeds, pulses and grains put out. Sprouts are their first shoots. Microgreens are tender, tasty and full of flavour, while sprouts are crunchy and fresh-tasting. Both are agreed to be extremely good for you!


Microgreens and sprouts: our range

Naturally Good Food stocks a wide range of seeds, pulses and grains especially designed for sprouting (and guaranteed to do so). Sprouts are grown in water (our sprouting kits make this easy work), while microgreens are grown in compost.

But which, of all our wonderful range, should you choose? We thought we’d give you a very quick run-down of how these wonderful little things all taste. But we wouldn’t suggest you choose just one type – pick and mix, instead, for an amazing combination of colours, flavours and textures. (And if you can’t decide, we’ve got sprouting mixes ready-made, to make it easier!)

Try in a mix with some of our other seeds.

Broccoli seeds have a surprisingly spicy taste, once transformed into sprouts.

Our grasses

These grasses make tasty, nutritious smoothies.

Use the grass-sprouting kit to make sprouting barleygrain, wheatgrain or speltgrain easy.

We also stock barleygrain, spelt grain and wheatgrain for making ‘grasses’, and a kit from Aconbury to help you do so. The grasses are the first green leaves produced by these grains, and they’re especially rich in nutrients. These grasses are popular as an ingredient in smoothies.

Sprout heaven!

There’s a really good article here – http://www.verticalveg.org.uk/6-easy-steps-to-sprout-heaven/ explaining just how to sprout our seeds, pulses and grains. The pictures alone will make you desperate to grown your own crunchy, crispy, fresh sprouts!





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