Enjoying life sugar-free – it’s possible!

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Lots of our customers are interested in living a sugar-free lifestyle or following a sugar-free diet. We aim to support them all we can, by providing them with the best foodstuffs to make this happen. There are, of course, about as many definitions of ‘sugar-free’ as there are customers of ours, with everyone’s idea of sugar-free varying slightly. Some people object to fresh and dried fruit, while others don’t mind this, and are happy to include honey and syrup in their meals too. Some people avoid all carbohydrates (or try to), while others embrace complex carbohydrates with enthusiasm.

Let's look at enjoying life sugar-free - with NGF.

Goodbye to all that? Going sugar-free?

We’re not on a mission to promote our own version of sugar-free. But we do want to explain how Naturally Good Food can help make your sugar-free journey – whatever it consists of, and wherever it takes you – as enjoyable as possible!

Sugar-free: keeping yourself full

Sugar fills you up. And when you’re avoiding sugar, the worst side-effect is feeling hungry – because that’s when the cravings and the reachings-for-the-biscuit-tin happen. The best way to counteract hunger is to make sure that you’re properly full of non-sugary foods. That way you can sternly repeat to yourself: ‘you’re not hungry, you don’t need it!’. And in the end, when the cravings pass, you’ll find that you really weren’t hungry and really didn’t need sugar.

Try our oats, grains and pulses for the best diet.

Our wholefoods will keep you wonderfully full, energised and happy.

The best foods we know for keeping you full are wholefoods. Our oats, rice, grains and pulses are absolute winners here, filling you with long-lasting, slow-releasing energy.

Our nuts and seeds are also great at suppressing cravings. We’ve got a wonderful selection of nuts here and seeds here, including plenty of organic options.

Keeping yourself happy

No-one goes sugar-free in order to make themselves more miserable, so it follows that happiness is the ultimate aim! When you’re cutting something out of your diet, compensate by building in something tasty too, as a reward. Try some of our organic pecans or macadamia nuts – both full of flavour and with wonderful textures. Our sugar-free nut butters are a great bet too (go for a roasted, salted version for the strongest taste). If it’s chocolate you can’t live without, our 100% cacao bar from Hasslachers is sugar-free and couldn’t give you a stronger cocoa hit. If your diet allows it, we’d also suggest some of our organic dried fruit, with its delicious juiciness and high fibre and mineral content.

Keeping yourself energised

Sugar gives you a momentary boost, but for real energy, it’s complex carbohydrates you need. Oats, grains and pulses are steadily digested and steadily release their energy. They’re the things that will really propel you up that mountain or through that business meeting. You can see all our wholefoods here.

Keeping yourself healthy

One of the horrible things about cutting out, or cutting down on sugar, is the resultant feeling of being a little under the weather. It doesn’t matter how good your new diet is, you can still feel rotten as you try to cut down on an addiction. Fortify yourself with feel-good foods (see Keeping yourself happy above), and boost your energy levels with complex wholefoods. Our range of natural supplements might also be of interest – including in the weeks before you go sugar-free – to make sure you’re genuinely in tip-top condition.

Finding alternatives to sugar

We've got all kinds of alternative, natural syrups and sweeteners.

Barley malt extract is a good alternative sweetener.

We’re experts at providing alternatives to straightforward sugar. At the most basic level, you might like to consider our range of natural, unrefined sugars, as opposed to our standard white sugars, in which the taste and vitamins are ‘locked in’, rather than being refined out. Our organic honeys also appeal to many people, while syrups and extracts, such as agave, date, rice and maple syrup and barley malt extract, are also ‘sugar-free’. In addition, we stock natural sweeteners, such as xylitol.

So if you’re going sugar-free, go with us – and let’s make it a positive experience!



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  • Pam says:

    Food for thought……….
    As the New Year approaches, perhaps a sugar-free 2018? Life without sugar can still be sweet and good. While I still have some teeth left.
    Having said that, time to make space in the foodie cupboard!

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