Are you middle-aged? Better buy Midlife Kitchen.

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Over the hill? Or in your prime? Whichever it is, if you’re 40 plus, this book is something you won’t want to miss. It’s The Midlife Kitchen, a cookbook written by Mimi Spencer and Sam Rice, both of whom (despite their photographs) are apparently approaching 50. It’s a book of ‘health-boosting recipes for mid-life and beyond’ and comes as a welcome antidote to diets aimed solely at young hipsters with infinite amounts of time and creativity on their hands. ‘At last!’, writes one 40-something online reviewer, ‘a book that’s aimed at me!’

Midlife Kitchen aims to help you future-proof your diet.

Eating well in your 40s and 50s: we’ve got just what you need!

Midlife Kitchen: they’ve got the answers

Here’s the blurb from the booksellers:

‘Are you at a point in your life where health is becoming more of a priority? Are you confused by ever-changing headlines that contrive to make the simple act of eating a peril rather than a pleasure? The Midlife Kitchen has the answers.’

It’s often only when we hit middle age that it becomes clear that we can’t go on eating and drinking whatever we want, whenever we want. Sugar and fat start to accumulate around our waistlines, and a night out becomes much harder to recover from. Moods, sleep, confidence and hormones can all go haywire – and at the same time, we’re probably at our very busiest, dealing with children, older relatives, household problems and busy careers. The blurb continues:

‘Midlife is not a time to be concerned with food fads and foibles, but rather a glorious opportunity to wrest back control of your eating in the interests of health, happiness and a long life. Taste must certainly come first, but with health firmly snapping at its heels, underpinned by well-established nutritional common sense. Busy lives require simple, sustaining recipes that incorporate health-giving ingredients without too much fanfare or fuss. This book is not about ‘clean-eating’ or super foods, detoxing or restriction. Instead, it is about building up a balanced and diverse diet, with less sugar, better fat and good carbs.’

Sounds good? It does become a little more complicated after that, with various categories, covering ‘hormone harmony’, mind, memory, mood and heart health, but for all of these, simple nutritional recipes and information are promised.

Midlife Kitchen: simple, do-able recipes

Inside, you can look forward to recipes for Grown-up Granola, Midlife Power Porridge, The Mother of All Greek Salads and Three-Ginger Fire Cake. All in all, the aim is to create a ‘vibrant menu bursting with mouth-watering flavours’. And if all that sounds a little exhausting, then clearly you really do need this book, to boost your energy reserves!

We've got a wonderful selection of seeds.

You’ll need pumpkin seeds…

Online reviewers are unanimous in their praise, finding the recipes simple, do-able and realistic (and at this age, realism is inescapable). There are fantastic photos, too. Best of all, the recipes don’t include loads of difficult-to-source ingredients – indeed, a quick flick-through indicates that a basic shopping list at Naturally Good Food should cover most of it! We’ve got the wholegrain oats you’ll need for Grown-up Granola, as well as the amaranth, Brazil nuts, cashews and almonds. For other recipes, you can use our lentils, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, pulses and oily fish.

We've also got the Brazil nuts, quinoa and oily fish mentioned in the recipes.

….and our wonderful walnuts!

The final word from the blurb?

‘Future-proof your life through your forties, fifties and beyond with these delicious, fuss-free recipes that restore, rejuvenate and revive.’

And don’t forget to check out Naturally Good Food as you do so – so much less fuss at our age than visiting the supermarket!





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