#Chooseorganic this Organic September – but why?

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It’s Organic September once again! Organised by the Soil Association, Organic September is the month in which we focus on just what makes organic food (and other organic stuff) so wonderful. As you might expect, we’re fully behind the whole idea. Like the Soil Association, we think that organic food is ‘food as it should be’. A vital part of the future of farming and eating, we #chooseorganic – do you?

We #chooseorganic. Do you?

We’re right behind Organic September at Naturally Good Food.

Why #chooseorganic?

Organic doesn’t mean ‘more expensive’ or ‘more middle class’. It’s not a status symbol – but an important description of a way of growing food. The Soil Association spells it out very clearly:

‘Organic always means:

  • Fewer pesticides
  • No artificial colours & preservatives
  • The highest standards of animal welfare
  • No routine use of antibiotics
  • GM Free’

Organic farming uses a tightly controlled, small group of pesticides, which do not have harmful effects on the environment or leave residues on the food. Animals in organic farming are treated as well as they possibly can be – as the Soil Association says, they all ‘get to feel the sun on their backs’. Antibiotics are used where unavoidable for treatment, but not as a matter of course. All crops and animal feed are GM-free and uncontaminated. And in the processing of organic products, no artificial colours or preservatives are added.

Organic farming keeps our soil and our crops healthy.

Organic farming protects the land, animals and human health.

It all adds up to a pretty amazing package – and one that’s supported by science. Research, through proper extensive studies, continues to support our instincts that organic food is ‘food as it should be’.

In 2014, for example, scientific research found ‘significant nutritional differences’ in organic fruit and vegetables compared with non-organic. The British Journal of Nutrition has now published research extending these findings to meat and dairy produce. See the research, via the Soil Association website, here.

We love organic

At Naturally Good Food, we #chooseorganic because we believe it’s better for the environment, better for our health and better for taste. We want to keep our world, our soil and our waterways safe for the next generation, and whilst doing so, to enjoy some pretty amazing food.

You can see all our organic selection here. If we had to recommend just a handful of our organic products – the ones that we really feel make a difference – we’d go for these:

  • Organic almonds: our organic almonds come from Spain. They’re unpasteurised, of course, and grown in an environmentally sustainable fashion, rather than in a harmful monoculture. They taste markedly different to non-organic almonds. They’re crisper, milkier and more subtly almondy. They’re the best!
  • Organic almonds are grown in environmentally friendly ways.

    Crisp, milky and wonderfully almondy – our organic nuts can’t be beaten.

  • Organic apricots: organic apricots are dried without the use of sulphur. As a result, they’re a deep orange colour, with a rich, intense flavour to match.
  • Organic oils: from our olive oils to our coconut oils, organic is the very best choice for a thick, unctuous, rich, oil.

So that’s us – and that’s our choice. This September, we (and the Soil Association) want to know: why do you #chooseorganic?



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