Organic September – what’s OUR story?

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As the harvest is gathered in – and the nights start to draw in – the Soil Association in the UK celebrates Organic September. In a pleasant coincidence, September is also the month when Naturally Good Food renews its licence with the Soil Association, following our annual inspection. We’re certified with the Soil Association to pack organic produce. Like them, we take the certification procedure very seriously. And like them, we love organic and want to tell everyone all about it!

With our Soil Association certification, you can be sure that all our labelled products are truly organic.

We’re licensed by the Soil Association to pack organic goods.

Our organic certification

Every year, we’re inspected to make sure we meet the requirements of the Soil Association. The Association is the main certification body in the UK (its requirements are widely used abroad too). It makes sure that any food labelled ‘organic’ truly is organic, for complete customer reassurance. It ensures the highest possible standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection.

We repack bulk bags, to our customers' requirements.

We have to account for every gram of organic produce.

We don’t grow or make our own organic food, but we do repackage bulk organic goods from various suppliers, and that’s what our licence covers. We’re taught how to identify organic produce from around the world, how to unpack and repack it to our customers’ demands without the risk of contamination, and how to label it legally and appropriately. In our annual inspection, we account for every gram of organic produce that enters our building. With our Soil Association licence, we’re part of the UK’s oldest, most well-established and most popular certification scheme.

When you buy organic from us, you can be absolutely sure that you’re buying food that’s truly organic – and that tastes amazing too.

Our organic story

Naturally Good Food began when a group of friends found it hard to get the right kind of food to feed their young families. Greatly interested in organic wholefoods, they realised that they couldn’t source this kind of food in the usual shops, and would have to buy it in bulk from wholesalers themselves.

From small roots, we're now an international business - all ready for Organic September.

Naturally Good Food – we’ve grown organically!

A kitchen-table buying group established itself, leading in time to a delivery box system and from there, to a small shop. Eventually, the business outgrew the shop premises, and moved to a ‘deep-green’ farm site in the Warwickshire countryside. It’s been a truly organic growth, for a real organic company.

NGF organic stock: for Organic September and beyond

Naturally Good Food is now one of the leading online suppliers of organic food in the UK. We’ve got an amazing organic selection, and we spend hours every week working out how to make it better and more comprehensive. You can see all our organic products here. We’d particularly highlight our:

We’d love all our customers to join us in celebrating the very best of organic food this Organic September! To find out more about the event, see the Soil Association’s website here.




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