It’s time to make the Christmas cake!

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Time to make the Christmas cake? Yes, it really is! Christmas cakes aren’t like ordinary cakes – they need a good long time to mature. Make them in September or October, and, over the following weeks, as the nights draw in and the air becomes thick with excitement, the spices and dried fruits slowly release and intermingle their full flavours. You’ll also need to ‘feed’ a traditional Christmas cake with brandy, rum or similar, to give a rich moistness – and this too is best done over an extended period of time.

Time to make the Christmas cake: get all you need from NGF.

It really is time to make the Christmas cake!

That’s why, at Naturally Good Food, we start to see our dried fruits, marzipan, icing sugar and nuts fly off the shelves in early September. As our organic packers plunge ever deeper into bulk boxes of currants, raisins and sultanas, we know that it really is time to make the Christmas cake.

Best ingredients to make the Christmas cake

Christmas cake recipes all vary slightly. But in every case, you’ll be looking to create a rich, moist, fruity showstopper. Naturally Good Food is the best place to shop for the very finest ingredients. We’ve got all the dried fruit you’ll need, in its juiciest, richest form. We’ve got the finest marzipan, icing sugar and flour. We’ve got wonderfully pungent organic spices – and we’ve got gluten-free alternatives. Let’s take a look at some of our ingredients.

Our natural colour glace cherries add a depth of flavour

Rich, moist, juicy and natural – get your Christmas cake just right


Our organic mixed peel brings a touch of sunshine to your cake

Don’t forget the mixed peel!

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