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We’re quietly making a bit of a name for ourselves. And that name is Naturally Good Food – or NGF, for short. It’s the name you’ll see on all our own products: the ones we know provide the very best taste and nutrition for our customers. We’ve got organic and non-organic products in the NGF brand, in an enormous variety of pack sizes. We’ve got the good old staples of a wholefood diet, and some much more unusual stuff too. Whether you need a snack pack of almonds, or a bulk bag of oats, an unusual superfood powder or a standard type of dried fruit, you simply can’t do better than the Naturally Good Food own brand.



We sell the best products under the Naturally Good Food brand

Making a name for ourselves: Naturally Good Food

What makes the Naturally Good Food brand so special?

We buy only the best from our wholesalers and sell on only the best under our own name. These are products packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. They’re the basics of our business and the basics of a healthy diet. We’re crusaders for healthy eating, and NGF is the name of our flag!

What’s in our own brand range?

We’ve got a huge range of organic, natural, wholefood and free from food, running from A-Z (or almost…we get as far as W, for Wild rice). Within that, we cover all the bases. We’ve got:

Dried fruit
Grains, including oats and ricesSugars and syrups
Herbs and spices
Beans, chickpeas and lentils
Flours and starches
Cacao and cocoa
Coconut oil
Superfood powders
Nigari coagulant
Soya chunks, flakes and mince
Vegetable suet



Our best-selling staples

We’re probably best known for our staples – the building blocks of a healthy, wholefood diet. Customers come to us for our rices (brown, white, short-grain, long-grain, basmati, Jasmine, sushi, pudding, risotto – and so on!), our grains (whole, flaked and ground), our pulses (including lentils of all colours, and chickpeas), our flours (naturally gluten-free and standard), our nuts (whole, chopped, blanched, flaked, ground, roasted, spiced), our seeds and our dried fruit.

We sell all of these staples in a variety of pack sizes, from small (250g) up to bulk sacks of 20kg or 25kg. Whatever your wholefood needs, we can supply them for you.

Our more unusual products

As our customers have branched out, so have we. We’ve got dozens of more unusual NGF products, all of which strike a chord with someone out there. These products can be hard to find in mainstream shops, especially in larger quantities.

Are you looking for any of these? They’re just a small sample of our unusual products.


Wasabi-coated peanuts
Iranian dried barberries
Organic Bombay mix
Ground horseradish
Maca powder
Liquorice root
Nigari coagulant
Psyllium husk


We’ll do the mixing for you!

We’re happy to get hands-on with our amazing products. If you need mixed dried fruit, mixed nuts or mixed peel, we’ll go ahead and prepare that for you, to our strict ratios and organic guidelines.

Spread the love….

You know all about Naturally Good Food now – but do your family and friends? We’re spreading the word! If you’re looking for an unusual present, why not give one of our NGF gift vouchers (at a specially reduced price)? Or buy one of our NGF hampers and make up a wonderful gift selection?


Naturally Good Food hulled Hemp seeds



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