Are you as awesome as us?

September 13, 2017 6:49 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We’re looking for awesome customers. Not just good, steady, reliable ones, you understand: they need to be awesome.

The awesome team behind Naturally Good Food!

We always knew we were good – turns out, we’re awesome!

That’s because we are. We first realised this when various suppliers, marketing people and cold-callers informed us of the fact. We’ve since had it backed up on twitter by actual customers. It seems that ‘awesome’ is the new ‘good’ – and we are therefore proud to be Naturally Awesome Food (for the duration of this blog, at least)!

What makes us awesome?

We are awesome because:

  • We make a healthy diet possible: we stock all the foods the big commercial players don’t want you to know about. The rices, grains, oils, nuts, dried fruit, seeds and pulses that make up a nutritious and delicious diet.
  • We make a healthy diet easy: simply click on the relevant portions of our website to order. We’ll phone you if anything is unexpectedly out of stock and suggest alternatives.
  • We make a healthy diet affordable: we don’t aim our products at millionaires. They’re not supposed to be ‘niche’ products: we believe that everyone should be able to eat proper wholefoods. Our prices are as low as possible, and we take care to sell one of our most nutritious products (brown rice) at a lower price than for the equivalent white variety. We sell in bulk to huge numbers of customers, giving them even greater savings.
  • We’re friendly: we’re a small team, who will happily talk you through your order and any questions. If we get things wrong, we’ll apologise and put them right as quickly as possible.
  • We’re experts: we’ve been doing this for years. Each team member has different areas of personal expertise: Sandy, for example, uses our products every week to bake for a local business, and can advise on the best flours, sugars and extracts. Sue, meanwhile, is our wholefoods guru. Other staff members are experts on vegan and raw foods.
  • We practise what we preach: we’re running the business from an eco-friendly building on the banks of the River Avon, surrounded by wildlife, with solar panels, ground-source heating and a biomass digester. We use all the environmentally friendly cleaning products we sell in the business, and the edible products in our own cooking.
  • We’re modest. Very much so.

Putting it altogether, we find that we simply have to agree: we’re awesome! And so are our customers – are you one of them?!



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