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We’re the online specialist in oats – we know more about them than a Quaker Scotsman (probably)! Our building is packed full of sacks of oats of all kinds, some of which we break down into smaller bags, for those of you who don’t have huge Quaker Scots families to feed. Here’s a quick look at what we can offer you.

We're experts in oats of all kinds.

We’re awash with oats at NGF – in a good way.

Organic oats

Our organic oats come from the UK. They’re harvested and processed without being touched by hand, and the result is one of the silkiest, creamiest types of oats we’ve ever seen. They make a wonderful porridge! We don’t stock sad little sachets of powdery oats – our organic porridge oats have a good strong texture to them, while our jumbo oats are even firmer. They fill you up with slow-releasing energy for the day ahead.

Being organic, you can rest assured that no chemical pesticides or fertilisers have been used on the crops. They’ve been grown in environmentally friendly, sustainable ways. They’re also about as cheap as non-organic oats (no oats are particularly expensive). To be sure of getting the best deal, see our section on Bulk oats below.

Porridge oats

A bowl of hot porridge

For the creamiest and most filling porridge

As the name indicates, these are the oats generally used for making porridge. We make sure that we source properly textured oats, to make the best, filling, creamy porridge. They’re also good for general baking and oat recipes. We can supply you with porridge oats in small bags, medium bags and large, bulk sacks and have organic and non-organic varieties.

Jumbo oats

These oats are traditionally used in flapjacks, where a stronger crunch or bite may be required. They’re bigger and thicker than porridge oats. However, many of our customers prefer to use these in porridge anyway! Again, we can supply jumbo oats in a range of sizes and in organic or non-organic types.

Gluten-free oats

Our gluten-free oats are guaranteed to be uncontaminated with gluten.

We offer all kinds of gluten-free oats

Oats are naturally gluten-free, but are frequently contaminated with gluten-containing ingredients during harvesting, transporting and processing. It’s therefore important to us to be able to offer a range of certified gluten-free oats, from fields and factories that do not deal with gluten at all. (As we deal with other types of oats, we’re unable to pack these bags into different sizes for you – once they arrive in our building, they remain unopened, so that you can be 100% certain there’s been no contamination.) Gluten-free oats make equally good porridge or flapjacks as standard oats. Our range includes porridge and jumbo oats, and organic in both varieties where possible.

Bulk oats

If you’re a catering business, or have a large family, and have somewhere to store a 25kg bag of porridge or jumbo oats (including our organic and gluten-free varieties), then this is by far the cheapest (and the most satisfying!) way to buy our oats. Click here to see our bulk oat selection.

Sprouted oats

Rude Health sprout these oats to make them more digestible.

Sprouted oats: the next big thing?

These are a relatively new product for us. They’re from Rude Health: the oat grains are sprouted and then rolled, to make what’s believed to be a more digestible and nutritious oat flake. These take a little longer to cook than regular oats. We think they might be the next big thing!

Other oat products

Of course, some porridge purists prefer oatmeal or even oat groats – and we’re pleased to stock these as well. We also have a number of other products made from or containing oats, including our wonderful range of oat milks, from Oatly. Click here to see our full oat selection.



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