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Are you raw till 4? (Don’t worry – if you are, you’ll know.) Raw till 4 – sometimes called Raw before 4 – is a diet and a lifestyle with its origins in Australia. Created by a blogger and Youtube star from that country (named ‘Freelee the Banana Girl’), it’s all about making yourself feel fantastic, while throwing yourself into a world of abundance. ‘Say no to calorie restriction and yes to eating and living abundantly’.

If you're raw till 4, you'll need lots of fruit and veg.

You’ll get all your five a day on this diet.

Raw till 4 is a high-carbohydrate, low-fat and low-protein diet. You’re encouraged to eat as much as you possibly can, to achieve your recommended daily intake of calories, but only from very specific food-groups.

As you’d expect, it’s all about ‘raw’ food. Definitions of ‘raw’ vary from one diet to the next, but they agree in their concentration on food that is, as far as possible, in a natural, raw, unprocessed and unrefined state. Some raw diets also allow food that has been lightly processed, but not heated above a certain temperature. Overall, you can expect a raw food diet to be heavy on fruit and vegetables.

Why only until 4?

There are quite a few rhyming diets, and diets with numbers in them, out there at the moment. Some of them aim to keep you on the straight and narrow until the clock strikes a particular time, and then optimistically hope that the good habits will be so well-ingrained that you won’t fall off the wagon even then.

In the case of this diet, you’re only ‘raw’ until 4, but the regime does continue after that point, with your evening allowance a specific ‘high carb low fat cooked vegan dinner’.

Recipes and ingredients on Raw till 4

Here’s Day one on Raw till 4. You can get the highlighted ingredients from Naturally Good Food.

Raw till 4 makes great use of coconuts in various forms.

You’ll need some coconut water for this diet.

‘Breakfast: Raw Till 4 milkshake (7 bananas, 750ml of water, 250ml of coconut water, 1tbsp of coconut sugar, vanilla essence)

Lunch: Mono meal – a meal consisting of one ingredient – of your favourite fruit (4 or more large mangoes)

Snack: Unlimited fresh fruit till 4pm

Dinner: Chips (500g of organic potatoes, low sodium dipping Sauce, 1/2 head of lettuce).’

Are there any celebrities on Raw till 4?

You bet there are! Demi Moore and Kate Middleton are just two of the names that get bandied about. We can’t guarantee that this diet will make you a celebrity of course, but you’ll obviously be in good company.

What about our raw products?

We have Rawbite and other snack bars - perfect for your diet.

Snack bars, muesli and nut butters: just some of our many raw products.

You can get fantastic raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit from Naturally Good Food. We’ve also got all the wholefoods (grains, pulses, rice and so on) that you’ll need for your cooked vegan meals, and cold-pressed oils for both raw and cooking use.

In addition, we have various ready-made products that tick the ‘raw’ box, including Raw Beetroot muesli, Rawbite and other snack bars, and raw nut and seed butters. Click here to see all our raw products. You have until 4pm.


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