Looking for golden raisins? Try our sultanas.

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If you’re looking for golden raisins – perhaps having found them listed as an ingredient in an American cookbook or website – then you might be a bit confused. Why can’t you get golden raisins easily in this country? Why don’t we sell them at Naturally Good Food? Do they go by another name?

Not sure quite what golden raisins are? Read on!

Golden raisins – or are they sultanas?

Golden raisins – what are they?

Well – it’s not entirely straightforward…

According to Wikipedia, golden raisins are raisins that are dipped in sulphur dioxide whilst drying, to give them a particularly rich golden colour.

According to another online source, golden raisins are raisins made from particular varieties of grapes (sun-dried Black Monukka or Sultana seedless grapes, to be precise).

According to a no-nonsense cook of my acquaintance, ‘golden raisins’ is simply the American term for ‘sultanas’. Wherever a recipe says ‘golden raisins’, you should simply substitute sultanas.

Are our sultanas truly golden?

Frankly, we don’t think anyone should feel that our sultanas are a ‘substitute’! They’re the real thing, and quite simply, amazing. Like raisins, sultanas are a type of dried grape. The difference lies in the drying technique and in the resultant taste and colour.

The big question: what's the difference between raisins and sultanas?

Raisins are dried more slowly than sultanas and have a generally darker colour.

Sultanas are deliberately dried faster than raisins. They’re dipped in a solution of potash that splits the skin of the fruit and helps it dry quickly, giving a more golden colour. Most people consider them to have a more ‘mellow’ flavour than raisins.

(In case you’re worried: potash is an entirely natural by-product of wood ash, permitted by the Soil Association in organic farming and food-processing.)

You can see all our sultanas here. They’re lusciously juicy, plump and delicious.

Use our sultanas in place of golden raisins

So, should you find yourself searching fruitlessly(!), for ‘golden raisins’, rest easy. Simply buy some of our sultanas and your recipe will work perfectly.

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