Don’t scrimp on the extras: the finest bits and bobs

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I expect you’ve already got your wonderful organic wholefoods from Naturally Good Food, ready to make some amazing bakes, stews, soups and other meals. You might have bought some store-cupboard items too, like nut butters, preserves, pasta and noodles. But have you got absolutely everything you need? We’re here to give your shopping list one last check-over, for those little extras that really make the other ingredients shine. Don’t buy the best and then scrimp on the finishing touches!

Don't scrimp on the little extras - they're what make the dish.

Have you got absolutely everything you need?

The finishing touches

Some of our ingredients don’t stand alone. You need to add them to main meals to bring extra flavour, to add creaminess or to intensify the taste. It’s easy to imagine that the little extras aren’t all that important – but in fact, it’s often these finishing touches that make the real difference, lifting a perfectly good meal to a whole new level.

If you're cooking organic food, everything needs to be organic.

It can be the little extras that really make a meal special.

It’s especially important to use the best little extras if you’re cooking organic food. You can’t describe a dish as organic if you’ve used non-organic ingredients in it (unless these are the few exceptions, such as salt, that are permitted under organic guidelines). This means that absolutely everything has to be organic: the oil you fry the onions in; the vanilla extract you add to the sponge mixture; the oregano you sprinkle on the pizza. The good news is that when every single ingredient is top-class, the end-result is too. So don’t scrimp!

We’ve come up with a few products that might fit into this category of ‘little extras’.

Cold-pressed oils

Try a stir-fry made with bog-standard cooking oil, and then one with top-quality cold-pressed nut oil. Or make a stew with a glug of organic golden rapeseed oil – or a cookie with organic virgin coconut oil. The difference from standard ingredients is amazing: the oil lifts the flavour to an entirely new level.

You can see all our cold-pressed oils here. If you’re not sure which is the best to use for a particular purpose, see our blog: If you could only buy one bottle of oil which should you buy?


We've got natural extracts in a range of flavours.

The very best vanilla extracts, for the very best cakes and bakes.

Vanilla, almond, coffee, chocolate, peppermint and more – our extracts give your cakes and bakes (and even savoury food) a real hit of flavour. There’s nothing artificial-tasting here: these natural extracts are full of real taste.

Herbs and spices

We have a full range of organic herbs and spices, in a variety of bag sizes. They’re wonderfully potent, nothing at all like the dusty little packs and jars from the supermarket. Buy some – and go easy with them!

And all the rest!

What else falls into this category? We’d suggest our mayonnaise and other condiments; our jams, honeys and other preserves; our pickles and chutneys; our stocks – and our dressings and dips.

Don’t scrimp – but you can still save

We don’t want you to scrimp – but we do want you to save! There are three great ways to do this:

  • Buy in bulk: our larger pack sizes are our cheapest
  • Buy a full case: we offer a 10% case discount
  • Buy from our Sale: check out our Sale regularly for special offers and discounts.

You can buy the best from Naturally Good Food – and you can buy it at the best possible price.



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