Where do we source our chocolate?

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Theobroma cacao – ‘food of the Gods’: yes, that’s chocolate to you and me. And I don’t think anyone would argue with the translation! Whether chocolate is indeed the Gods’ way of making up for Mondays (as some claim), or a divine apology for broccoli (as others assert), we can all agree that well, life happens – and chocolate helps.

Where do we source our chocolate from?

Life happens. Chocolate helps.

Chocolate comes from the the bitter seeds of the cacao tree, grown in a narrow ‘Cocoa Belt’ some ten degrees either side of the Equator. After fermentation, drying, roasting, grinding and mixing, we end up with the smooth, rich, luxuriant sweetness we all love. But where does the process really start, for Naturally Good Food? Where do we source our chocolate?

What’s our source?

At Naturally Good Food, we look for chocolate with a difference. We’ve got a great range of dairy-free chocolates, for example, made with different types of milk, and sugar-free chocolate too. More particularly, we specialise in organic and Fairtrade chocolate – believing that a foodstuff this good shouldn’t be messed about with, and should be equally wonderful for everyone along the supply chain.

Let’s take a look at some of our suppliers.

Divine chocolate

The Divine cocoa company is 100% Fairtrade and owned by cocoa farmers.

Divine cocoa – because it’s the food of the Gods.

Divine chocolate is, as its website states, the only chocolate company in the world that is 100% Fairtrade and owned by its own cocoa farmers.

‘While Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, company ownership gives farmers a share of Divine’s profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry.’

From Divine, we stock after-dinner mints and cocoa powder. Their beans come from Ghana; the full story of how they may the journey from the tree to our shelves can be seen here.


Plamil is one our biggest suppliers of chocolate

Plamil specialise in vegan and nut-free chocolate

Plamil is one of the biggest names in chocolate for Naturally Good Food. We stock their range of catering chocolate and smaller, individual bars. We’ve got their chocolate spreads, chocolate flakes and ‘alternative’ products too. Plamil specialise in providing vegan and entirely nut-free chocolate. Here’s what they have to say about the sourcing of their cocoa:

‘Major ingredients, such as cocoa, are carefully chosen for high production standards, for example Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance certified or UTZ certified’.

Rainforest Alliance means that an enterprise meets certain standards of social, environmental and economic sustainability. UTZ certification is now the largest programme in the world for ‘sustainable cocoa’, with most UTZ-certified cocoa coming from Cote d’Ivoire or Ghana.

The Raw Chocolate Company

This raw cacao is sourced from Peru.

This raw cacao butter is sun-dried rather than heat-treated.


We’ve just started stocking raw cacao butter from this company. They use raw cacao – it’s been sun-dried, rather than heat-treated – and it’s minimally processed. The company source their organic cacao from Peru, under the Fairtrade mechanism.

Hasslacher’s chocolate

We’re very proud of our Hasslacher’s gourmet hot chocolate bar, made with 100% cacao. Hasslacher’s reckon that they’re the only brand of chocolate sold in the UK that’s made entirely in the country where the beans grow – Colombia, in this case. Keeping all aspects of production in the country increases employment, removes the middlemen (and their cut) and improves traceability.

All our other chocolate

But that’s just for starters…We’ve also got chocolate from Booja Booja, Biona, Green and Blacks, Cocoa Loco, Montezuma and many other brands. It’s all delicious – and it’s all got something that sets it apart from the pack.




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