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At Naturally Good Food we sell organic rice in many different varieties, and in different pack sizes, right up to bulk sacks. We’re great believers in eating organically, especially when it comes to a product as essentially pure and natural as rice. Grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilisers, and in an environmentally sustainable fashion, buying organic rice gives you a clean product and a clean conscience.

Organic rice is grown without the use of harmful fertilisers and pesticides.

Organic rice gives you a clean product and a clean conscience.

Our organic rice is sourced from all round the world. The basmati rices (both white and brown) come from the area of Pakistan and India that gives its name to this type of rice. The rice there is grown in an area that floods just once a year with the snow-melt. The crop is therefore limited, but the firmness and fragrance of the grain itself is unrivalled. Organic status is particularly important here – growing organically prevents harmful residues and pesticides running off downstream, affecting those living equally precariously further down the valley.

Our organic long-grain and short-grain rices come from Italy. Rice-growing takes place all over Italy, but particularly in the Lombardy and Piedmonte areas, where the fertile swampy plains of the Po river valley provide ideal conditions.

Italian river valleys offer ideal growing conditions for the finest rice.

Our short-grain organic rice comes from Italy.

We also have rice from a specific region of France (Camargue, with its distinctive red grains) and from other countries.

Our organic rice

Here’s a quick run-down of the varieties of organic rice we stock. As mentioned above, these are available in a number of different pack sizes. If you’re particularly interested in bulk (5kg and upwards) sizes, click here to view the Bulk rice section of our website.

We have organic:

What makes rice such a good choice?

Rice is nutritious, delicious and versatile.

All our rices are packed with a wealth of nutritious elements.

We often bang the drum for rice at Naturally Good Food. Full of slow-releasing carbohydrate and packed with fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, rice – especially organic brown rice – is one of the best foodstuffs you can include in a meal. It’s versatile too; while some of the rices mentioned above are particularly suited to one culinary application (Pudding rice, for instance, or sushi rice), many of the others fit perfectly with all kinds of different meals, whether meat-based, fish-based, vegetarian or vegan.

Click here to see our full organic section, including other rice-based products.



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