World Food Day: globe-trotting with NGF

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Fancy a quick trip around the world with Naturally Good Food? Then grab your passport and buckle your seatbelt – we’re going to fly around the globe, in a virtual trip along our shelves! Naturally Good Food may have a solid base in a farm building buried in the depths of rural Warwickshire, but our tentacles reach out right across the world. We’ve got products from (almost) every continent, and we supply customers, businesses and travellers in every corner of the earth. We truly appreciate the flavours and unique qualities of speciality foods from around the globe, and delight in bringing them to you.

The UK

As we prepare to take off, it’s a great opportunity to remind ourselves what an amazing variety of food we produce in this country. We’ve got the finest organic porridge and jumbo oats from the UK on our shelves, including in guaranteed gluten-free varieties. We’ve got pulses, grains and flours produced entirely in the UK, including British-grown quinoa from Essex.


Skipping across to Europe, our first port of call has to be the Mediterranean. It’s in Turkey, Spain and Greece that the finest organic fruit and nuts are grown. We get all our organic currants from Greece, our milky, sweet organic almonds from Spain, and the vast majority of our organic dried fruit from Turkey. Packed with the Mediterranean sun, and thriving in the dry climate, these fruits are deeply coloured, with a taste just as rich.

Italy, meanwhile, is the source of our organic long and short-grain brown rices. Rice-growing takes place all over Italy, but particularly in the fertile swampy plains of the Po river valley.


Our Tunisian (and Algerian) dates are little toffee-like digits of delight, which thrive in extremely dry growing conditions. We also stock flours and grains for traditional African dishes, including teff flour and millet.


From Asia, we’ll showcase our Japanese food. We’ve got a whole section dedicated to Japanese food – not only noodles, rice and soy, but crackers and snacks, miso, tofu, sea vegetables and seasonings. We recognise the real health benefits of Japanese food: the Japanese are among the longest-lived peoples on earth and some of the healthiest into old age too.

As we fly over the Himalayas, meanwhile, you might spot the valleys where the world’s basmati rices – both white and brown – are grown. We’re proud to stock the finest organic basmati rices at Naturally Good Food. Grown in an area that floods just once a year with the snow-melt, the crop is limited, but the firmness and fragrance of the grain is unrivalled.

And cashew nuts? From Vietnam! Our organic walnuts, meanwhile, come from Moldova – a fact not many people know.


Australia is the home of the Orgran range: gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, nut-free and soya-free, Orgran have a replacement product for every occasion. We’ve got the lot: from crispbreads to custard, from scrambled egg mixture (without eggs!) to spaghetti noodles. There’s no need for whinging, poms – see what Australia’s got for you!

Coconuts thrive in tropical regions

We’ve got amazing organic virgin coconut oil from the tropics

While we’re in the tropics, we’ll take a quick spin around our coconut products, which flourish in these hot, steamy areas. We’ve got flaked, desiccated and chipped coconut, as well as coconut water, virgin organic coconut oils, milks and creams.

South America

We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg with South America, I suspect. This is the home of the rainforest, of the Cocoa Belt, of the great quinoa plantations, and of an ever-growing range of superfoods. You’ll find our rainforest gum here, our raw cacao, cocoa and chocolate products, our world-class quinoa and our chia seeds and maca powders. Humans have barely begun exploring the rainforests, but we know that there are more plant and animal species there than anywhere else on earth. In this dense, tropical region, there are answers to our health and nutrition problems – and we hope to bring them to you when we find them.

North America

It’s always worth flying over North America – because what happens there, tends to happen here next. We keep a close eye on the US trends: what’s the next big thing in wholefoods over there?

We stock a good selection of nuts and dried fruit from North America too. In particular, it’s impossible to praise our coffee-ish toffee-ish deep South pecans too highly.


Well, OK…we haven’t got anything from Antarctica on our shelves. But we do have a great Christmas range, which occasionally includes chocolate penguins!

All in all, we’ve got the whole world on our shelves at Naturally Good Food. Amazing food, from incredible places, for awesome meals.



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