Pollen and Grace: some of our best friends!

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We were really pleased to come across a small snippet about Pollen and Grace on the BBC Business website. It’s all about working with your best friend – Stephanie Johnson and Kristina Komlosiova are joint CEOs of Pollen and Grace, and also best friends. They’re two of our customers too, and we like them both just as much as they like each other!

Pollen and Grace is a health-conscious catering company based in London, making really delicious and healthy ‘food to go’. There can be absolutely no doubt that this is a gap in the market. Pollen and Grace want their customers ‘to feel the best they possibly can’: their food is always fresh and free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugars. Here’s what they have to say:

‘We believe that food should make you feel beautiful inside and out, which is why all of our products are nutritionally designed to help you heal, thrive and glow.  We use only 100% natural ingredients and make our food fresh everyday so that you can enjoy food as it should be, no matter where you are: fresh, delicious, beautiful – and made with love.’

The takeaway tubs and boxes rely on ‘natural nutrient-dense ingredients’. And yes, they purchase some of these from us. Here’s a quick look at the kind of thing we supply Pollen and Grace with, and at some of the other ingredients found in their products that we stock here at Naturally Good Food.

Gluten-free oats

All oats are gluten-free, right? Unfortunately not. Oats are often contaminated with gluten from other crops during harvesting, transportation and processing. We, however, sell guaranteed gluten-free oats, from farms and facilities that only deal with gluten-free products. We take particular care to stock organic gluten-free oats and to source both standard porridge and the larger jumbo oats in gluten-free varieties.

Black rice

Just one of the NGF ingredients used by Pollen and Grace

Bring extra colour and nutrition to your meals with black rice

Black rice is just one of the many varieties of rice we sell at Naturally Good Food. We’ve also got your standard basmati brown and white rices, jasmine rice, long- and short-grain rices, red rices, Arborio, pudding and sushi rices and wild rices. We stock these in both organic and non-organic forms and in a range of sizes. Click here to see all our rice.

Tricolour quinoa

We’re massive fans of quinoa at Naturally Good Food and we’re unsurprised to find it popping up in the very best takeaway food boxes. We have pearl quinoa grain, red quinoa grain and black quinoa grain, in varying sizes and types. And if you want a beautiful rainbow effect, then yes, we have tricolour quinoa grain.

Pollen and Grace: other useful ingredients

The Pollen and Grace website is full of beautiful pictures and descriptions of their takeaway boxes. Other ingredients mentioned that we stock include:

Mung beans are part of our amazing range of pulses

Bung in the mung – like Pollen and Grace!

  • Turmeric: an amazing health-giving spice
  • Chia: tiny black seeds, full of nutrition
  • Sprouts: we stock all you need to grow your own sprouts, from grains, pulses and seeds.
  • Millet: a really good gluten-free grain
  • Mung beans: just a small part of our amazing range of pulses.

We love Pollen and Grace! Now, if only they delivered in person to farms in the Warwickshire countryside – then we really could all be BFFs!




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