Singing the praises of UK-grown food

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When it comes to food, we’re proud to be British. Blessed with a temperate maritime climate (to get technical for a moment), we’ve got a huge variety of landscapes and ecosystems, from dramatic coastlines, rolling hills and fertile valleys, to endless flat plains. It’s a feast for the eyes and for the imagination – but of course, it’s also a feast for our bodies. In the UK, we can produce almost everything we like to eat right here. And there’s no doubt in our mind that the food that’s best adapted to our growing conditions is the best-tasting and the best for our health and the planet.

UK-grown food is the freshest, tastiest and healthiest and best for the planet.

We’re singing the praises of British food!

UK-grown food is the tastiest food

Food always tastes best when it’s at its freshest. There’s no need for long-term storage, complicated preservation methods or long-distance transport for our very own UK-grown food. To enjoy UK-grown food at its best, you should, of course, try to eat in tune with the seasons. Visit your local farm shop regularly to see what they’ve got – they’ll be following the seasons and making the most of that month’s produce.

What’s in season right now in the UK? Visit to find out. Right now, they’re showcasing blackberries (in martinis, no less), topping a comprehensive A-Z list running from artichokes to whelks (probably best not served together).

UK-grown food is the healthiest food

No need for imported superfoods - try our very own bilberries.

You can forage for bilberries right now – rich in vitamins and minerals.

If you’re eating food at its peak of freshness, you’re getting the full complement of nutritious elements. For a completely balanced and irreproachably healthy diet, we really don’t have to import anything in this country: we can cover all the bases right here. When you find yourself wondering about the next new imported ‘superfood’, do a quick google to check that the very same properties can’t be found in UK-grown produce. Finding it hard to track down purple sweet potatoes in Britain, for instance? Blackberries are an equally good source of anthocyanins. Tempted by South American acai berries? Why not try some home-grown or foraged lingonberries or bilberries instead?

UK-grown food is the best for the planet….

…so long as you’re in the UK, that is! Eating local food means fewer food miles and a reduction in emissions, as well as a boost to your local economy. It’s great news all round.

What can you make with UK-grown food?

You can make everything your heart desires! Here are a few UK-grown websites, with their suggestions:




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