What’s the very best thing about Bonfire Night?

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What’s the best thing about Bonfire Night for you? The sparkles, flashes and bangs? The oohs and aahs and occasional damp squibs? The cheerful-frosty-togetherness of hats and scarves and little mittened hands? Or maybe the warming, spicy, sugary, autumnal treats that are part and parcel of it all?



If you’re channelling the spirit of autumn this year, Bonfire Night is where it’s at. It’s simply the best celebration of autumn you can get: one that recognises the encroaching darkness and cold of the season, and does its very best to lighten it. Light bonfires with the wood culled from summer gardens, explode the night sky with colour, hold sparkling sticks at the end of your fingers, and don’t forget the toffee, the apples, the sausages, and the spicy drinks!

Where to go for Bonfire Night




There are all sorts of Bonfire Nights, of course. There’s the legendary Lewes Bonfire Night procession, with its flaming tar barrel races and effigy-burning. There’s the municipal neck-craning from a damp field as you watch your council tax explode in bright colours, sky-high. There’s the back-of-the-garden festivities hosted by your auntie, providing a free show for the neighbours too. They’re all as good as each other, in different ways. So long as you’ve got darkness, some sparklers, gloves and warm boots, you’re sorted.

Hosting your own Bonfire Night?


What if you’re hosting your own back-of-the-garden fireworks? Or watching everyone else’s from the window, while you throw a party? Naturally Good Food has got some great ideas for your own Bonfire Night celebrations.

  • Decorate the house: particularly important if you’ve got kids! Rockets are what loo rolls and kitchen roll tubes are made for. While you’re at it, stick some fairy lights in jam-jars and pile the tartan blankets high.
  • Make firework food: marshmallows on long skewers, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles – edible sparklers.
  • Make easy-to-carry food: if you’re going outside, how about cheese and ham pancakes, folded in parcels, lovely sausages in hot-dog rolls, covered in herbs and onions, bonfire cupcakes with chocolate flakes for the wood, and of course, toffee apples and slabs of cinder toffee?
  • Make hearty food: we go for jacket potatoes stuffed with cheese, sour cream, mustard and chives, spicy jacket potato or root vegetable wedges, apple crumble and squidgy chocolate brownies, all piled high near the back door.
  • Make warming drinks: it’s almost obligatory to float marshmallows on top of hot chocolate on Bonfire Night. If you’re looking for something different, how about some Rochester ginger, with its intense, dark spiciness?

Whatever you do, remember, remember, to enjoy it all. Because it’s all downhill until Christmas, now.



Try with a mixer for an alcoholic version.

Our Rochester ginger makes a great warming drink.

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