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It’s World Vegan Day on November 1st 2017. We sell lots of vegan products at Naturally Good Food and overall, we simply love vegans – indeed, some of us actually are vegans! And one thing’s quite clear: we’ve got absolutely no desire to be rude to our customers.

Rude Health: did you mean to be so rude?

Rude Health have offended vegans recently.

Hey, Rude Health: did you mean to be so rude?

Not sure quite what we’re talking about? Well, it’s the furore surrounding the recent Rude Health ‘rant’ about cutting out foodstuffs. Rude Health are a health food brand, specialising in good, ‘honest’, wholesome breakfast cereals, crackers, sprouted flours and plant-based milks. Instead of blogs, they publish ‘rants’ on their website, as befits their name. The writer of this particular rant, Camilla Barnard, decided to lay into various ‘free from’ diets recently. She made it clear that she considered these to be unnecessary and pretty ridiculous. She found such diets joyless and lacking in positivity. She wants us all to reconnect with food, by growing it, eating it and enjoying it in company, on the ‘Eat Everything with Friends and Family diet’.

In her short (and entirely un-proofread) article, Camilla attacks the paleo diet, the gluten-free diet and those diets that can’t make up their minds what exactly is good or bad to eat. But it’s the second paragraph that really got people’s backs up. In this, she suggests that vegetarianism and veganism are one part of an overall trend, described as ‘madness’ and ‘propaganda’ – and are liable to make false health and moral claims.

Vegans didn’t like her rant at all. Which is unfortunate, because they do love Rude Health’s range of plant-based milks and other products! These work wonderfully in a vegan diet, providing protein, fibre and a range of other nutrients. (They’re also delicious: you can see everything we stock from Rude Health here.)

The problem is that veganism isn’t the same as the other diets the writer talks about. Vegans, first and foremost, don’t think of themselves as ‘cutting things out’ of their diet. With some exceptions, they’re motivated less by issues of diet and more by a desire not to cause the unnecessary death or suffering of animals. Veganism simply isn’t the same as a diet that excludes grains, or saturated fat, or refined sugar.


World Vegan Day is designed to celebrate everything good about veganism, in shops, restaurants and homes. The Vegan Society is launching a new app during this month, to help vegans meet their nutritional goals (you can find out about it all here). The Society is also helping retailers support their ‘Vegan on the Go’ campaign, making it easier for vegans to find good food when out and about. World Vegan Day continues into a whole month of celebrations, as part of World Vegan Month. In our opinion, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

And Camilla? Well, she’s no amateur. Not only is she the co-founder of Rude Health, but she’s also their marketing director, and it’s unlikely that she’s simply lost the plot. Could it be that all publicity is good publicity? Might it be that there’s nothing worse than no-one talking about your brand? Could she possibly be trying to move her brand a little further into the mainstream – to cover that vast, untapped customer base of people who think rude thoughts about vegans too?

Food for thought, indeed.




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