National Sandwich Day: five of the best breads

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It’s National Sandwich Day – celebrating the awesomeness of things stuck between slices of bread once again. We can’t get enough of sandwiches in the UK. Ever since the Duke of Sandwich did (or possibly didn’t) ask for his meat to be served between bread to avoid interrupting his gambling game, we’ve been munching on sandwiches day in and day out, for centuries. According to reliable internet sources, we currently get through 11.5 billion sandwiches in the UK each year, which if laid end to end, would cover a very long distance, and if stacked one on top of the other, would be the equivalent of a very large number of double-decker buses.

What's the best sandwich out there?

It’s National Sandwich Day – what are you having?

What are our favourite sandwiches in the UK? The top ten, according to a study commissioned by Bird’s Eye (which may have something to do with no. 2 on the list), are as follows:

  1. Ham and cheese
  2. Fish fingers
  3. Chicken and bacon
  4. Chicken and mayonnaise
  5. BLT
  6. Sausage
  7. Cheese and tomato
  8. Crisp
  9. Tuna and cucumber
  10. Egg and cress

It seems that when we make a sandwich in the UK, we’re looking for familiarity and ease, rather than, say, crayfish and cranberry with smoked paprika.

The best bread for the best sandwich

If you’re going to eat the best sandwiches – and especially if you’re really not branching out with fillings – then the only thing that really matters is the wondrousness of your bread. We’ve got five top breads, and bread flours, to suggest to you.

Soft white loaf

For a soft, yet strong, loaf, choose our organic flour

Our strong white bread flour gives wonderful results

For No. 2 (fish fingers), No. 7 (cheese and tomato), No. 6 (sausage) and No. 8 (crisp), you really need a soft white loaf. We sell the most amazing organic white flour, which produces a beautifully soft loaf. You’ll need ketchup too, which we sell in organic versions here.

Pitta bread

Pittas are great stuffed.

Make your own pittas – and fill them with a BLT!

There’s nothing worse (in sandwich terms) than bits of filling falling out. If you’re making a fully stuffed BLT, stick it in a pitta bread (see the recipe on our blogs), to keep it all intact. And do try this amazing mayonnaise in it, too.


No. 3 (chicken and bacon) and No. 4 (chicken and mayonnaise) work well with a firm bread, in which their strong flavours can hold their own. Try this recipe here.

Granary bread

Use one of these granary flours to make a lovely bread with a good texture. Perfect for both No. 1 (ham and cheese) and No. 9 (tuna and cucumber). We’d definitely be sticking in some of our top-class mayonnaise too.

The Grant loaf

This is a wholesome, sturdy, artisan-like loaf and one of the very easiest to make at home. We’ve got the recipe for it here. Nutty and rich in taste, this is a country-kitchen type of loaf. If you’re making No. 10 (Egg and cress), go for this one.

Our vegan fillings

We've got a great range of interesting vegan sandwich fillings.

Red pepper and almond pate: just one of our vegan options

There’s only one filling up there that could even remotely be called vegan – yet there are many amazing vegan options out there. At Naturally Good Food, we stock a growing range of vegan pates, which are perfect in any of the breads above. What about our buckwheat and chia pate, or chickpea and sesame spread – or this bright red pepper and almond variety?


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