Hodmedod’s pulses and grains: what can you make with them?

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Today, we’re celebrating our connection with Hodmedod’s: a British company that grows and sells only British-grown beans, peas and grain (with lentils about to be harvested too). We’ve got a great range of their products at Naturally Good Food, including their organic quinoa (bet you didn’t know you could grow that in Essex…), their gluten-free flours and their tinned and dried pulses. They come in beautifully decorated little packets, many of them with lovely recipe cards inside. We’ve tried out many of these recipes over the years and also keep an eye on the recipe section of their website. If you’re in the mood for buying some Hodmedod’s pulses, grains and flours, you might like to take a look at some of our favourites below.

We've gathered our favourite Hodmedod's recipes together.

Hodmedod’s sell amazing British pulses, grain and flours: what can you make with them?

Hodmedod’s British quinoa recipe

Quinoa and barley energy bars: this is just the kind of thing a Roman soldier should have eaten! It gives you enough steady, long-lasting energy to march right along a Roman road.

Hodmedod’s British beans recipe

Chestnut and fava bean casserole: using another traditional British food (chestnut), this is a rich casserole, to sustain you through the dark winter days ahead.

Hodmedod’s British peas recipe

A taste of 'up north' - with spinach too.

These kabuki (marrowfat) peas make great little lunch cakes

Marrowfat pea and spinach cakes: these make a great light lunch, and again can be put together with home-grown ingredients.

Hodmedod’s British gluten-free flour recipe

Fava bean and pea flour pancakes: these pancakes are really easy to make, and have a great texture and taste. They’re the ideal dish to serve to gluten-free guests at the traditional British celebration of pancake day.

Hodmedod’s British tinned bean recipe

Made with fava beans, this is a robust variety of baked beans

British baked beans for a true British breakfast

Hodmedod’s tinned beans work in place of their dried varieties in any bean recipe. But we’d especially recommend their tinned baked beans – much more robust than ordinary baked beans – in a full British breakfast!





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