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We’ll be having a wholefood Christmas this year at Naturally Good Food. And we’re really looking forward to it! As we – and all our customers – know very well, wholefood doesn’t mean hair-shirt and self-denial. It’s simply a way of eating that uses the whole (and the best parts) of the best ingredients, to make wonderful, healthy food. For us, Christmas is a time to embrace wholefoods – not a chance to abandon them!




We love wholefoods


We eat wholefoods throughout the year and appreciate them for their taste and nutritional value. We like the nuttiness and firmness of brown rice, the energy-giving properties of pulses, and the satisfying base wholegrains give to our dishes. Wholefoods fill us up and keep us strong and healthy, providing a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Once you’ve eaten wholefoods for a number of months, it’s amazing how insipid white, processed food comes to seem!

At Christmas, as at every other point in the year, wholefoods will naturally be the foundation of our diets.

A wholefood foundation


We’ll be making Christmas food that uses our amazing grains and rices (brown basmati, with its wonderful home-cooked fragrance, and crunchy quinoa), our creamy porridge and jumbo oats, our wide variety of pulses, chickpeas and lentils, and our dried fruit, nuts and seeds. We’ve got recipes for delicious nut roasts, lentil bakes, and vegetables cooked or stuffed with nuts and seeds. We’ll be making wholefood stuffing, with wholewheat breadcrumbs; bean and nut dips, to be served with crunchy crackers; and salads rich with almonds, pine-nuts, pistachios and pumpkin seeds. (Or at least, we’ll be making some of those – and drooling over recipes for the others!)

Wholefood Christmas treats


Wholefood doesn't mean you can't have treats....

Our wonderful dried fruit will make your Christmas baking sing!


When it comes to Christmas treats, we always aim to use (and to sell) the finest ingredients. If you’re making mince-pies, Christmas cake or Christmas puddings, don’t stint when it comes to the dried fruit. Our sultanas, raisins, currants, dates, figs, apricots and mixed peel will make your Christmas desserts sing with the flavour of the captured summer sun. You’ll want some really good-quality flour and sugar, too – and perhaps our vegetarian suet.

We’ll be hoping for a lovely bowl of mixed nuts at Christmas too (organic, ideally, for the best taste). And certainly at least a couple of wholefood flapjacks to sustain us on wintry walks. We use our soft organic porridge oats to make these, along with honey, a touch of self-raising flour, some unrefined soft brown sugar and whatever nuts, seeds and dried fruit we have around the house. Pumpkin seeds and almonds, together with dates and apricots, make a truly luxurious flapjack.

Christmas is a time for feasting and for appreciating the best of everything we have. We’re looking forward to another amazing wholefood Christmas!



orange and nuts






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