World Kindness Day: make a difference as you shop

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We’re big on kindness at Naturally Good Food. And that’s because we’re just that *kind* of people….we’re not trying to rule the world, but to make it a little bit of a better place. We believe in helping people to eat well and to live well, without damaging other people’s lives or destroying the environment. We source products from ethical companies and suppliers and look out for certification schemes that chime with our values.

Kindness is at the heart of our operation.

We want to make the world just a little bit better….

We stock Fairtrade products: supporting kindness

Fairtrade is one of the biggest names in kindness. It aims to ensure that the products we use and eat don’t cause harm to those who produce, grow and process them. The Fairtrade mark shows that workers’ rights have been protected and environmental issues addressed. The Fairtrade premium improves social and economic conditions for workers – through building schools and hospitals, for instance, or providing clean water.

Many of the products we stock at Naturally Good Food come from companies who go far beyond the basic Fairtrade standards. Some reach out to the most marginalised producers; others ensure that the principles of fair involvement run throughout their production line – Quinola, for instance, employ people with learning difficulties in France to package their goods.

Quinola have social responsibility at the heart of their operation.

Quinola take Fairtrade to the next level

We’ve also got Fairtrade products from:

  • Equal Exchange: the highest paid employee of Equal Exchange may not earn more than four times the amount the lowest-paid employee is paid. Good for them – and good products too! We stock ground coffee, sugar and sugar sticks from Equal Exchange.
  • Plamil: Plamil are suppliers of dairy-free chocolate for caterers and individuals, which is also, wonderfully, fairly traded.
  • Clipper and Pukka: for Fairtrade coffee and tea.
  • Traidcraft: Traidcraft sources sugar from some of the most marginalised groups worldwide.
  • Fairground: Fairground snack bars are fairly produced and traded, and made from a small number of ingredients.
  • Zaytoun: a producer of some great olive oil, supporting Palestinian farming communities.

You might also like to see our blog: Fairtrade Fortnight: making it personal. This tells the story of the Kasinthula sugar-growers and shows how buying Fairtrade can make a real, personal difference to the lives of people around the world.

Environmental certification schemes

Meridian avoid ingredients that deplete natural habitats.

Meridian have their own symbol, to show their protection of orangutans.

The Fairtrade mark isn’t the only certification scheme out there, of course. We stock products that sign up to a range of other really kind methods of production and supply. The Soil Association’s organic symbol, for instance, indicates that an ingredient has been grown with proper attention to its environmental impact. The Rainforest Alliance logo (found on Plamil chocolate) shows that a company is working to improve sustainability in that area of the world. Meridian, meanwhile, has its own Orangutan symbol, noting its commitment to protecting this species.

And where Fairtrade is for food, B Corp might one day be for businesses in general. Ecover are a founder business in B Corp – a scheme that promotes responsible social and environmental performance.

Animal friendly products

We like kindness in our households too!

Ecoleaf are one of our cruelty-free brands.

We’re also proud to stock a great range of cruelty-free household cleaning products and toiletries, from brands such as Ecoleaf and Faith in Nature. These products are packaged with logos such as the Vegan symbol and the Leaping Bunny.

Our UK suppliers

Most of our products are supplied via wholesalers. These too, are our kind of kind people! Infinity Foods of Brighton, for example, who supply much of our wholefoods, are the perfect fit for us, with their ethical sourcing policy and the ‘co-operative’ nature of their set-up.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, said Aesop. We agree!



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