Men’s health: staying fit and healthy all year round

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Men’s health doesn’t stop at Movember. If you’ve made a good start on a new, healthier lifestyle, then you need to find a way to keep it going all year round. We’ve got some tips for you – and some great products. We’re following a three-pronged approach. A bit like a fork, if you like. (Cutlery analogies come easily to a food company….)

Diet, exercise and attitude: stay healthy through the year

We’ve got a three-pronged approach to health

Our fork approach: Diet, Exercise, Attitude

To stay fit and healthy all year round, we think you need three things: a good diet, a good amount of exercise, and a positive mental attitude. We can help directly with the first. For the other two, we’ve got tips and products that will keep you exercising – and smiling – right up to next Movember!

Fork it in: Diet

Wholefoods are rich in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals - the best for health

For the best health, you need the best diet

Don’t dig your grave with your own fork, as the saying goes. A healthy diet is the best possible basis for a healthy body. For the best food for men’s health, you need wholefoods: food that’s rich in protein, fibre, energy, vitamins and minerals. Wholefoods are the building blocks of a good immune system, healthy cardiovascular and reproductive systems, and strong brain function.

For fitness throughout the year, make sure your diet covers all the bases. A variety of wholefoods and fresh foods, with their differing colours, textures and nutritional content, provides you with the full range of benefits. You’ve got all year to eat well, so don’t get stuck in a rut now. Each month, why not try a different grain, pulse, nut, seed, dried fruit and oil?

Have you ever tried coconut water?

Springtime is a good time to try this refreshing drink

As the months pass, eat appropriately for the time of year. Eat seasonally, to get food at its freshest, when it’s naturally full of vitamins and minerals. Eat locally, so that food hasn’t had to travel too far or undergo strange refrigeration and storage processes. Eat sustaining, hearty stews and bakes in winter and autumn (stock up on our grains and pulses now), and in spring and summer, try some of our lighter, fresher products, like this raw beetroot muesli or coconut water.

And if you want to fork out on some really good stuff? Eat organic, and avoid pesticide and fertiliser residues. You can see all our organic products here.

Lift more than your fork: Exercise

To stay healthy, you need to exercise all year round. Whether you swim, lift, cycle, run or something else altogether, there needs to be dedicated time for exercise in your diary.

To power you on your runs, climbs, cycles or gym-visits, Naturally Good Food has your back. We’ve got a natural Sports nutrition section, which includes all you need to prepare your body for exercise, to keep you going through a strenuous workout, and to repair and renew tissue afterwards.


Let Naturally Good Food power you through your exercise regime.

Keep exercising – all year round!

Our Sports nutrition section includes:


Fork it!: Mental stuff

A good, strong mental attitude protects you not just against mental health problems (thought to affect 1 in 8 men, according to Movember), but against physical ailments too. That’s why, at Naturally Good Food, we also promote food that feeds the brain and boosts our feel-good hormones. Added to a good amount of sleep, and plenty of exercise, this stuff should help you navigate life’s ups and downs without sinking. Try our:

  • Cocoa and cacao: chocolate is famed for releasing endorphins. If you buy the good stuff from us, you’re also tapping into a rich source of magnesium and antioxidants.
  • Brazil nuts: selenium, found in these nuts, has noted mood-improving properties.
  • Tinned fish: oily fish, such as that available in our Fish4Ever range, has long been considered great for boosting focus and memory.
  • Chillis: these too release endorphins, leading to a natural ‘high’.

The three-pronged approach to health

So that’s our three-pronged fork approach: diet, exercise and attitude. Underpinning it all, there’s Naturally Good Food!




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