Alternative Christmas cake ingredients

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Going off-piste this Christmas? Making an alternative Christmas cake – or a traditional cake with a gluten-free or dairy-free twist? Make sure you visit Naturally Good Food to check out our alternative Christmas ingredients. We’ve been helping customers – from large businesses to individual families – make their perfect alternative Christmas cakes for years!

We've got some good suggestions for your alternative Christmas cake

Are you making an alternative Christmas cake this year?

What’s your alternative Christmas cake?


The most common type of alternative Christmas cake we get asked about is a gluten-free Christmas cake. This isn’t really too tricky to make – the main point of a Christmas cake, after all, is the rich fruitiness, with the flour playing (quite literally) a supporting role.

We have the other gluten-free ingredients you may need, too.

Gluten-free plain flour is an easy substitute.

We stock one of the most comprehensive ranges of gluten-free flours you’ll find on the web. Most gluten-free Christmas cake recipes simply specify a standard gluten-free plain flour. Jamie Oliver recommends Doves Farm gluten-free plain flour – or you might like this one, from Orgran, or this, from Middleton Foods. Rice flour and chickpea flour (gram flour) are also suggested in some free from Christmas cake recipes.


If you’re dealing with lactose intolerance or allergies, or catering for vegans, you’ll need ingredients for a dairy-free Christmas cake. Most recipes require refrigerated dairy-free spread, which we don’t stock, but some also call for coconut oil – and we have that in spades! To replace the eggs, and add moisture, you may need our ground linseed, apple puree or chestnut puree.

Really speedy

Left it to the last minute to make your Christmas cake again? Never fear! You can buy our wonderful ingredients right up to the last minute. Cut some corners: get your organic marzipan ready-made. Buy your dried fruit, peel and nuts ready mixed, ready diced or ready chopped (we do all the hard work for you!). Too late even for that? Stick a jar of our organic mincemeat in your basket and arm yourself with Delia Smith’s Last-minute Christmas cake recipe.

Not too sweet

There are loads of people who find Christmas cakes overly rich. An unusual alternative for them is this tea-loaf recipe. Here, mixed fruit is stirred up with flour and sugar, after being soaked overnight in cold tea. The tea provides moistness and the end-result is great with butter.

The weird and the wacky

Or a chocolate Christmas cake?

How about a cranberry Christmas cake for a change?

It’s hard to go really wild with Christmas cakes, without moving out of the territory of Christmas altogether. But if you’re in an experimental mood, this Cranberry Christmas cake recipe is delicious. For this recipe, you’ll need our dried cranberries and ground almonds. There are also intriguing recipes out there for tropical Christmas cakes, making use of our diced papaya and dried mango; for chocolate Christmas cakes (see our chocolate range here); and for spiced cakes, for which you can use our organic ginger – and perhaps feed the cake with our ginger wines.



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