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At Naturally Good Food we sell two types of organic pitta bread. They’re both from Florentin: one is white and the other wholemeal. We’ve tried an awful lot of pitta breads and these are by far the best we’ve come across. The white versions in particular have a bit of a cult following. They’re almost as soft and pillowy as if you’d made them yourself at home! For a sturdier – and let’s face it – healthier option, we’re really pleased to stock their wholemeal version.

We also sell wholemeal Florentin pitta breads.

Our Florentin pitta breads are wonderfully soft and pillowy.

Florentin specialise in organic Mediterranean-style products. These pitta breads have an admirably short ingredients list: just flour, water, yeast and sea salt – truly, just as if you’d made them yourself!

You can see our Florentin pitta breads here.

Making your own pitta breads

If you’re making your own pitta bread, you can buy everything you need from us. We’ve got yeast, wonderful organic (and non-organic) strong white and wholemeal bread flours, and a great range of sea salts.

Can you make gluten-free pitta breads?

You certainly can! However, you’re going to need a few more ingredients to do so successfully. Most obviously, you’ll need to replace standard flour with a gluten-free option. General all-purpose gluten-free flour is sometimes called for – or strong gluten-free bread flour, like this here. At Naturally Good Food we stock an immense range of gluten-free flours, so whatever your recipe demands, we’re sure we can help.

You'll also need other specialist ingredients from us.

We’ve got strong gluten-free bread flour.

You may also need, depending on your recipe:

What will you do with your pitta breads?

Pitta breads are incredibly versatile. They’re amazing vehicles for just about any kind of filling you can think of, and also work well cut into strips and eaten with dips.

We've got jams, honey, nut and seed butters, pates and spreads of all kinds.

What will you spread on your delicious pitta bread?

If you’ve bought our pittas, you might also be interested in some of these filling ingredients:

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