Easy lunchbox meals – for kids to make themselves

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If school lunchboxes are the bane of your life, you need this blog! It’s all about passing the buck – by getting your kids involved in making their own healthy lunchboxes. Too often, kids open their lunchboxes and find themselves bemused by the contents: what’s this strange thing? Why have I got this multi-coloured stuff here? Too often, too, they don’t understand why you’ve packed such ‘horribly healthy’ things. So it’s time to give your kids some ownership of their lunchboxes and their own health – and we’ve got some great, easy ideas for how to do it.

Looking for easy lunchbox meals for the kids to make themselves?

We’ve got some great ideas for kids to make their own healthy lunchbox meals

The really good thing about getting your kids involved in the process is that you can chat together as you’re preparing the lunchbox. Explain to them why they’ve got wholemeal bread, for instance, in their sandwiches, or why you’re not including a whole bar of chocolate (even if everyone else in the class does, honestly).

Easy lunchbox ideas

We've got sweet and savoury easy lunchbox ideas.

Healthy lunches, happy kids!

  • Healthy sandwiches: just about anyone can make sandwiches. But make sure your kids’ sandwiches are healthy. Wholemeal bread is ideal, with proper fillings – proper cheese, cold cuts of unprocessed meat, hummus and other spreads.
  • Interesting bread: kids tend to love pitta breads – our previous blog How to make pitta bread was all about making your own, with a recipe that’s easy enough for kids to manage on their own (with help at the cooking point, obviously). We’d also suggest trying out making your own focaccia  or pizza dough.
  • Cheese scones or straws: these make a good, filling alternative to sandwiches. You can find a good recipe for cheese scones here and for cheese straws here.
  • Cold potato wedges: par-boil some wedges or chunks of potato or sweet potato. Season as far as you dare (some kids love garlic, rosemary and thyme, or a dash of cayenne pepper – others will just about manage salt and pepper). Drizzle with oil and roast in the oven. They’re great hot, but lovely cold too.
  • Cold potato rosti: another really delicious option – use this recipe here.
  • Cold home-made nuggets or mini-burgers: see this great recipe for nuggets here and this one for homemade burgers here. For both of these, and for the wedges and rosti, a dip of some kind (even if it’s just a spoonful of tinned tomato), can be a good addition.
  • Rainbow salad: help your kids slice or grate some raw cabbage or lettuce, with carrots and peppers. An appealing, colourful mix!
  • Pots of salad: many kids like their salad clearly separate, rather than combined in the more adult versions we’re used to. An individual pot of tomatoes, plus one of carrots and one of cucumber, may stand more chance of getting eaten than a mixed salad bowl.
  • Pots of fruit: the same goes for fruit. Does your child prefer a mixed fruit salad – or individual pots of blueberries, strawberries, grapes, satsuma pieces and so on?
  • Cold American-style pancakes: cold thick pancakes are a favourite with some children. If they’re sweet, you could spread them with a little honey. If savoury, some kind of savoury spread works well.
  • Cold pasta, couscous or rice salad: another good alternative to sandwiches. Mix the cold pasta or couscous with some kind of dressing or oil so that it doesn’t clump together. Throw in some bits of cheese, meat, fish or vegetables. If you’re serving cold rice, make sure the lunchbox contains a cool-block, so that the rice stays safe to eat. And don’t forget to include a spoon or fork!
  • Flapjacks: Naturally Good Food is famous for its flapjack recipe! See it here. It’s great for lunchboxes, because it’s a chewy kind of flapjack, rather than the crumbly sort that turn right back into muesli by break-time.

Got any other good lunchbox suggestions? Please share them with us!



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  • David Crabtree says:

    For a company which has so many excellent products and promotes health WHY are there links to unhealthy food sources here? Sandwiches with Cheese and unprocessed meat – it doesn’t matter if its unprocessed both have saturated fat which isn’t good for health. Chicken nugget – obviously you have no idea how bad all animal products are for health and the environment.
    Promote a healthy lifestyle and dump the references to meat, fish and dairy, because the science is there to support the view that they damage health.
    These are very short YouTube videos
    Chicken – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOLGG9Xr9fc
    Fish – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTttCfZsId8
    Meat – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdJCP4j33pw
    Environment – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD4Oq2Kx-HI

    • Sue says:

      Hi David. Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment and thank you for sending those links! I’m very glad you like our range and appreciate our efforts to promote good health – and it’s great to see that you’re firmly on the path to good nutrition yourself. Our customers as a whole are a wide and varied lot; they have a whole range of opinions as to what exactly is the best food to eat. Many of them are only just starting out on their healthy eating journey and are making very small changes to start with. In our blogs, we try to cover all our customer bases – some of the blogs will no doubt be more along your line of thinking than others. (We’ve just concentrated heavily on Veganuary, which I expect was more up your street!) Hope you continue reading!

      Best wishes,

      Yzanne Mackay
      (Editor and Copywriter, Naturally Good Food)

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