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This December, Naturally Good Food has partnered up with the Organic Wine Club. At Naturally Good Food, we’re all about amazing organic food. The Organic Wine Club (OWC) is all about fantastic organic wine – so it’s a match made in heaven!

The OWC is an independent organic wine retailer that provides delicious, natural, organic wines. They’re passionate about what they do and how they source their wines, concentrating on artisan and traditional winemakers. They’re actually the UK’s only ‘health-conscious wine club’ – they want their customers to meet their health goals, and to drink less, but much better, wines. (And crucially, they want the ‘mornings after’ to be just as good as the ‘nights before’….read on to find out how!)

What makes organic wine different?


Organic wine is made from organic grapes, grown without the use of harmful pesticides. The grapes are harvested by hand and vinified without the use of additives, sulphites or preservatives. Organic wines are natural, pure and clean – and they’re ‘alive’, with living, friendly bacteria.

The OWC chooses winemakers who are knowledgeable about their local traditions, who use indigenous grape varieties and wild yeasts, and who care deeply not only about their wines and vineyards, but about their soil and the wider environment.

Conventional wines, on the other hand, are often produced on an industrial scale. They’re full of residual pesticides and are injected with high levels of sulphites to prolong shelf-life and give a standard taste across a range. There can be dozens of additives, from sugars and preservatives, to colour and flavour enhancers, in a bottle of conventional wine. Environmental and social issues come a long way behind profit-making in the list of priorities.




What makes organic wine better?


First of all, there’s the taste. Organic wines taste amazing: in the words of the OWC itself, they’re ‘full of life, vibrant and expressive’ (rather like my husband after a glass or two).

Secondly, there’s the wider environmental and social aspect. The OWC is proud to support sustainability in all parts of its supply chain. It aims to give as much as it can back to local communities and to keep its pricing fair and transparent. In its Green Code, the company explains its belief in fairness, social equality, the environment and ‘mindful’ happiness.

And last – but by no means least – organic wines are better because they don’t make you feel rotten the next day. Many people (more than might know it) suffer from the sulphites, excessive sugars and additives in conventional wine. It’s these that are responsible for so many of the headaches, hangovers and nasal (sinus) problems people experience after drinking wine. The OWC’s organic wines don’t contain these sulphites or additives. So long as you drink moderately and responsibly, organic wines won’t give you headaches and hangovers.

What’s the deal?


With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, we thought this was the perfect time to partner up with the OWC. We’re offering our customers 12% off everything at the OWC. Simply type the voucher code NGF12 into their checkout.

You can have a good look at their website here. They offer wine subscriptions, members’ only special offers, exciting events, and intriguing cases of fantastic-looking wines.

Sound good to us. Fancy a top-up?



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