Winter warmers from Naturally Good Food

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Nights drawing in? Feeling the nip in the air? Then it’s time to stoke up your inner fire – with these cheery, toe-tingling winter warmers, from Naturally Good Food. We’ve got enough spice, warmth and sheer wholesomeness to get you purring like a cat on a rug by a log fire.

We've got lots of lovely winter warmers for you.

Feeling the cold? Warm up with Naturally Good Food!

Winter warmers: wholefoods

Now’s the time for wholefoods! It’s the season for thick bean stews, served with brown rice; hearty pasta bakes (why not try some of our more unusual pasta varieties?); and satisfying steamy puddings, using our amazing baking ingredients. You might also want to stock up, like a squirrel, on some of our rich dried fruit and crunchy organic nuts. Our wonderful wholefoods all make the finest winter food – and it’s pretty hard to choose just a few of them to single out. But if we had to, perhaps we’d plump for these three, at this dark time of year.

Our wholefoods come into their own at this time of year - but you can bake too!

It’s the season for rib-sticking puddings – and for wholefoods.

Rochester dark ginger: made with the best Jamaican ginger and pure cane sugar, this is a fiery, satisfying drink, either on its own, or as a mixer. As comforting and warming as a log-burner in a Lake District cottage.

Porridge oats: mix with honey, sugar and butter for a thick flapjack. Before baking, throw in some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, along with chopped Brazil nuts, dates and apricots, for the world’s most satisfying snack.

Mincemeat: take a jar of this mince pie filling and mix with chopped apple. Bake in an Eve’s pudding and devour until your ribs stick together.


Whatever we suggest for autumn or winter can be given an extra boost by some of our pungent organic spices. We stock every organic spice we can, from Allspice to Za’atar. For winter recipes, you’ll need our ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cumin, coriander seed and turmeric – among others. Charge your cupcakes with a pinch of mixed spice – or toss your roast potatoes in turmeric for an immune-boosting, warming crunch. What about a hint of cinnamon in your hot chocolate? Or a sprinkling of cayenne pepper on your macaroni cheese?

Add organic spice to your winter dish, for an extra boost.

Our organic spices are pungent and full of flavour.

Organic spices are a completely different beast to ordinary spices. They’re rich in flavour, less dusty in texture and generally brighter in colour. Our black peppercorns, for instance, smell not just of pepper, but of fruit – and they make even our fingers tingle as we handle them.


If you need a quick meal to banish the winter chill, you can’t beat soup. We’ve got a great range of soups at Naturally Good Food, covering the old favourites (lentil, tomato, and carrot and coriander, for instance), as well as the more unusual (how about butternut squash and ginger – or mushroom and buckwheat?). We sometimes like to add some Clearspring Quickcook grains to our soup, or some pre-cooked Express Quinola.

If you’re making your own soup, how about one of these?

Apples, toffee and fudge

Home grown apples - some great ideas on using them.

Let’s think of things to do with all the apples!

If you’re awash in garden apples this winter, you might also appreciate some hints on ringing the changes for apple desserts. We’ve got years of experience of getting the most out of home-grown apples. Click here to read our blog: Eleven ways with garden apples.

This is also a great time of year to get stuck into some toffee or fudge-making. There’s nothing like a pan of bubbling sugar to warm up the chilliest winter day! Use our finest sugars – unrefined white and brown, our molasses and syrups, and our vanilla and other extracts. And stay warm and cosy!



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