Famous Five: Food for Adventuring

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It’s the season for outdoor adventures – countryside walks, sea-bathing, sailing, caving, climbing and mountaineering! You’ll need plenty of fuel to keep you going, of course. And on these types of adventures, it’s always worth asking: what would the Famous Five take with them?

Channel your inner Famous Five character - and go off on a food-fuelled adventure!

Off on an adventure? What sort of food should you pack?

At Naturally Good Food, we’ve come up with five of our own famous products that make the perfect picnic-basket and pocket companions on summer adventures. Whether you’re tracking down smugglers, on the trail of an escaped circus performer, or simply enjoying some glorious bathing and bird-spotting, this is the food to keep you energised and enthusiastic.

And, of course, it all tastes so much better eaten in the open air. (Woof! Agrees Timmy.)

Lashings of fantastic Famous Five food


First of all, we’d like to get some oats inside you. A bowlful of steaming breakfast porridge, ideally cooked by a rosy-cheeked cook named Jane, Susan or Dorcas, will keep you going throughout the morning. Five go gluten-free? No problem. We have small bags and bulk bags of gluten-free porridge and jumbo oats. If you’re nowhere near a farmhouse, then you might need one of our wonderful dairy-free milks to add to the oats. Almond, hazelnut, soya, coconut and many more – all make wonderful porridge.

A bowl of hot porridge

Get cook to make you a nice bowl of hot porridge.

Use your oats for flapjacks too, for handy-to-carry snacks.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is the perfect pocket snack for adventurers. A handful of dried apricots or dates, added to a mixture of currants, raisins and sultanas, gives you sweetness and energy. It’s easy to transport and packed with vitamins and minerals. Dried fruit is also great added to your flapjacks (see above). As are…


No self-respecting adventurer is ever out of reach of a clutch of nuts. If it’s not the season for wild hazelnuts and walnuts where you’re adventuring, then take some of ours along. We’d also recommend milky almonds and fat, meaty Brazil nuts. Indeed, our bags of mixed nuts should be simply smashing.

Snack bars

Pop a snack bar in your knapsack and off you go.

We’ve got raw and wholefood snack bars.

The Famous Five couldn’t take snack bars, because they hadn’t been invented. Fortunately, we’re in a better position. At Naturally Good Food, we stock a great range of raw and natural snack bars. These bars contain only a very few ingredients (sometimes as little as three). The contents – like dates, almonds and coconut oil – are crushed together to form satisfying and extremely healthy snack bars, with no added sugars, flavourings, emulsifiers, preservatives or similar. Take a look at all our snack bars here.


Ginger beer? I’m afraid we don’t stock it – although we can provide you with various non-alcoholic ginger wines. Instead, why not pack a bottle of coconut water or Beet it beetroot juice in your knapsack? These are both naturally refreshing and energising. Beetroot juice in particular is famously used by cyclists to boost performance in a safe and natural way.

A final tip for Famous Five adventurers: those unfriendly men hiding on that secret island? Tell the police about them right now and save yourself a lot of bother.

Happy Adventuring!



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