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Wholewheat (or wholegrain) pasta can be a great way to get some extra fibre and nutrients into your diet. Many pasta dishes lend themselves very well to the use of wholewheat pasta, rather than white. Macaroni cheese, for example, is given an extra robustness by the use of wholewheat macaroni, while wholewheat lasagne sheets hold up better than white in a rich sauce. As you’d expect, you generally have to cook wholewheat pasta for a little longer than white – but the difference in cooking time is minimal.

We have wholewheat pasta in a variety of shapes - and in other wholegrain forms too.

Wholewheat pasta is better for you and really great in a number of dishes.

Wholewheat pasta is better for you!

Wholewheat pasta, being made with the whole of the grain, is richer in fibre and contains more of the original nutrients than white pasta. It’s also noticeably stronger in flavour and has a firmer bite than white pasta. The following day, reheated wholewheat pasta has a particularly pleasing flavour. Try some in a simple tomato sauce, with vegetables, to start you off!

It’s not all wheat…

A great colour and an unusual grain - but still pasta.

Red lentil fusilli? It’s not all wheat!

At Naturally Good Food we’re also interested in pasta made with grains other than wheat. We know that it’s entirely possible to make delicious pasta from a range of flours: eating these different ingredients means that we include a wider range of nutrients in our diets. And of course, if you have an intolerance or sensitivity to wheat, you can choose one of these alternatives completely safely.

Our range of wholegrain pasta

You can see our full range of wholegrain pasta here. We have wholewheat pasta in every possible shape, as well as pasta made from brown rice (the Fantasia mix for children is a popular choice), buckwheat, corn, quinoa, chickpeas, kamut and red lentils.

Robust sauces work well with wholegrain pasta.

And what’s your favourite pasta sauce?

There’s fusilli, penne, shells, fettucine, linguine, tagliatelle, rigatoni, spaghetti, spirals….and a lot of others!

And what can you put on your wholegrain pasta? Well, if you’re in a hurry, try one of our sauces, which you can see here.



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