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What’s a macrobiotic diet? Well – it depends just who you ask. Technically, an authentic macrobiotic diet has firm origins in Zen Buddhism, and is an attempt, through diet, to balance the ‘yin and yang’ elements of food. A strict diet of this type encompasses mental health as well as physical, and has guidelines covering things such as kitchen utensils, the promotion of thankfulness, and the number of times you should chew your food.

Naturally Good Food can cater for those on macrobiotic diets.

What’s in a macrobiotic diet? And what’s out?

For others, less strictly, a ‘macrobiotic diet’ is simply one way of eating healthily, with some good suggestions about the types of food to concentrate on.

What’s in a macrobiotic diet? And what’s out?

A macrobiotic diet is based on wholegrain cereals, pulses, vegetables, seaweed, fermented soy products and fruit. About 40% to 60% of the diet should consist of organically grown wholegrains, followed by vegetables, at 30% and beans at 10%. Sweeteners can be used sparingly, but only certain types, such as rice syrup and barley malt (and sometimes, maple syrup).

We also sell seaweed salt

We have all sorts of sea vegetables

What’s out? Dairy, eggs, red meat, refined sugar, certain fruits and vegetables, alcohol, spices and caffeinated drinks. And, basically, anything refined, chemically preserved or heavily processed.

What can we provide for macrobiotic diets?

We also sell rice syrup and maple syrup

You might be looking for barley malt extract

We cater for all manner of diets at Naturally Good Food and can provide many of the elements of a macrobiotic diet. We believe firmly in the nutritional value of a diet based around wholefoods – and we’re also real organic enthusiasts. If you’re looking for macrobiotic foodstuffs, take a look at these parts of our website.

To see all our wholegrains, click here; to see our full organic range, click here.



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