Spring into the New Year!

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It’s a whole new year. Perhaps time to do something different? Maybe you’ve decided to take the plunge and eat more wholefoods, or more natural or organic food? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Naturally Good Food is a leading online provider of wholefoods, natural, free from and organic food – we’ve been helping people with their New Year resolutions for years!

This new year, why not spring into wholefoods - or organic food?

Ready? Spring into wholefoods this year!

Spring into wholefoods

The springboard to a brand new diet is really simple: eat more wholefoods! Wholefoods, as their name indicates, contain the ‘whole of the food’. As little as possible is stripped away from the foodstuff, and processing is kept to the absolute minimum. As a result, you end up with the absolute maximum in both taste and nutrition: food in its natural state, with all its goodness still intact. For a full New Year’s blast of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, you simply need to turn to wholefoods.

Our wholefoods range

Check out our comprehensive wholefoods range.

From pasta to peanuts, we’ve got all your wholefoods needs covered.

The wholefoods range at Naturally Good Food is comprehensive – there’s something there for everyone, whatever your budget or family size. We stock small (100g+) bags of wholefoods, right up to bulk sacks and boxes of foodstuffs – and everything in between. Many of our customers begin by dipping their toe in the water with a small bag. Over time, they gradually increase the quantities they order, as they realise that they just can’t manage without these products.

Take a look at the various sections of our wholefoods range here: we’ve got the very best nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pasta, rice, pulses, grains, flakes and oils.

Springing into wholefoods: some tips

Perhaps what we should really suggest is that you ‘slide’, rather than ‘spring’ into wholefoods! If you’re new to good eating, then making gradual changes to your diet probably gives you the best chance of success. It also allows everyone in the family to come on board steadily, without asking for huge compromises all at once.

Why not, for example, move slowly into eating wholefood brown rice? Buy both white and brown for a while, storing them separately. When you cook rice, add a little brown to the usual white mix. Over time, you can increase the amount, until you feel comfortable going entirely wholegrain. (Note: as brown and white rices have different cooking times, you may need to cook the brown for slightly longer first – or accept a mixture of soft and al dente textures in the finished product. Personally, I quite like that.)

Make the very best of your new ingredients. Some wholefoods differ in texture, as well as taste, from more refined products. You might find, for instance, if you’re trying out wholewheat pasta, that a hearty, thick sauce works best. And remember that wholefoods develop their flavours overnight. When you’re cooking, make enough for the next day and have your stew, bake, soup or similar for lunch or dinner. Not only do the flavours improve, but by the second tasting of a dish, your taste-buds will be more accustomed to it.

Go for organic this year

We're organic specialists and enthusiasts at NGF.

Our organic dried fruit is richer and so much tastier than the standard alternative!

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to eat more organic food instead? We’re organic specialists too and truly believe that eating organic is the very best option, for health, for taste and for the environment. We know that those who try our organic nuts, seeds and dried fruit are amazed by the difference in taste from the products they’re used to. Richer, darker, crunchier, firmer – you really can taste all the amazing goodness they contain.


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