Whole new year, Whole new you!

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It’s a whole new year – so how about building a whole new you? Perhaps it’s time to make a few really wholesome changes? We’re talking about our wholefoods range, of course! It’s the backbone of our business here at Naturally Good Food, but can become a little neglected in the run-up to Christmas, when our thoughts and shopping bags become full of other things (like, say, chocolate-covered penguins). Now we’ve turned the page into the New Year, it’s time to put the penguins down. There’s a real delight, in January, in rediscovering our range and reawakening our healthy intentions. Will you join us?

We love our whole foods at Naturally Good Food!

Will you join us in a whole new year of good food?

The whole of the food – for the whole benefit

Naturally Good Food has one of the most comprehensive wholefood ranges on the web: we sell both organic and non-organic wholefoods, in a variety of pack sizes. We firmly believe that eating the whole of the food gives you the whole of the benefit. Our whole grains, wholewheat pastas, wholemeal flours, pulses and brown rices have their outer ‘skins’ intact, thus retaining their nutrients. Our nuts, seeds, oils and dried fruit have all been subjected to the minimum of interference and are bursting with their original nutrients too.

Wholefoods are the very best things for keeping our bodies healthy – they’re the building blocks of a well-regulated body. Between them, our wholefoods tick every conceivable nutritional box, covering all the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and other nutritional qualities we can discover!

Fibre keeps our digestion and bowels in good health

Give your body a boost with high-fibre foods

One nutrient that might prove particularly useful at this time of the year is fibre. After the sluggish post-Christmas slump, and – just possibly – a little too much meat and sweets, you might be in need of something to get things moving again. It’s fibre that keeps our digestive systems ticking over and contributes (at the other end) to excellent bowel health. As one element of the complex carbohydrates found in wholefoods, fibre also helps to keep our blood sugar levels stable, with slow-releasing energy providing a long-lasting source of vitality. With a diet rich in fibre, we find ourselves feeling fuller for longer, and can more easily resist the temptation of those last Christmas chocolates…

Getting back on track

But it’s only January! A full-on wholefood diet might not be instantly achievable, but it’s something to set our sights on, and trudge towards, in a steady fashion. So why not join us in cutting down on excess sugar gradually, replacing Christmas treats with dried fruit, nuts and seeds, to quell cravings. Then we can fill up on delicious, nutritious wholefoods – and march steadily on, into spring!




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